Everything about Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6.


What is Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6?

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Street Fighter 6 has a brand new Drive Gauge system that gives players a unique way to attack and defend.
Here is all you need to know about the Drive Gauge and Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 is changing up the standard SF gameplay with the new Drive Gauge System added to the game in the newest iteration. The Drive Rush is part of the new system in Street Fighter 6 which opens up a number of choices and combos you can perform in fights. The Drive Gauge fills up during a fight and can be used to pull off some sick chain attacks. However, the system comes with a disadvantage if you burnout. Let’s look at the various stages in the new Drive Gauge system and how to utilize Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6. 

How to use Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6

The Drive Gauge comes with many states where you can execute different attacks.

The new drive gauge will let you perform a unique set of moves in Street Fighter 6.

Drive Impact is an attack you can perform which will absorb the enemy’s attack. If they are in a corner, you can use Drive impact to hit your opponent against the wall. Drive Parry is another powerful attack where you can charge up your Drive Gauge while negating an enemy attack. You can also perform a perfect parry to get some extra juice for your gauge. 

These are the drive gauge costs for performing new moves, including Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6.

A Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6 starts with a 10-frame screen freeze which is followed by a quick dash. You can also use any normal attack paired with the Drive Rush to gain a +4 frame advantage for hitting or blocking. You can cancel your Drive Rush early with an attack while still getting the forward momentum. The freeze gives you some space to plan your next set of moves, but your opponent has time to punish a blocked DR cancel with Drive Reversal. 

While Drive Rush has its perks, it takes 23-24 frames before it can be canceled with a movement command like crouch, block or jump. You also cannot use a Parry during the time so once you’re in a DR you have to commit to it. However, if you do use Drive Rus mid-combo you’ll get an extra 15% damage scaling penalty. Keep an eye on your Drive Gauge, as too many Drive Rushes or Parries lower it into burnout. In burnout you have big disadvantages, but it also replenishes automatically, making meter management a key to the fight. Make sure you practice Drive Rush and other Drive Gauge moves in practice grounds and complete the Drive Gauge Action tutorials for a better understanding of the system.

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