Here’s everything we know about what happens to DMZ after Modern Warfare 3 releases.


What Happens to DMZ After Modern Warfare 3 Releases?

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As the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 draws to a close fans are left wondering what happens to DMZ.
DMZ lets players experience a more casual version of the game.
Here’s everything we know about what happens to DMZ after Modern Warfare 3 releases.

As Activision gears up for the release of Modern Warfare 3, fans are left wondering what happens to DMZ. The free-to-play PvE mode offers Call of Duty players a more casual experience, compared to Warzone or multiplayer. With Warzone set to get a major update following the new game’s release, many players are curious about what happens to DMZ after Modern Warfare 3 releases. Here’s everything we know about DMZ’s future after Modern Warfare 3 arrives.

Will Modern Warfare 3 have DMZ?

Modern Warfare 3 finally launches on 10th November, kicking off a new era for Call of Duty. DMZ will still be supported on the existing maps (Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, Vondel, as well as Building 21 and Koschei complex after Modern Warfare 3’s launch, but it won’t be added to Warzone’s new Urzikstan map or any future maps. The new open-world Zombies mode will be available on the Warzone maps instead. In an entirely PvE open-world, this new mode blends zombies and DMZ, replete with tasks to fulfill, illicit weaponry, and extraction features.

The sequel will also bring the new After-Market Parts Gunsmith feature, as well as the popular Zombies mode in a first for the Modern Warfare series. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the developers said: “Although DMZ won’t be showcased at #CODNext this week, we’re excited to share that we will continue to support the DMZ Beta. Players will have continuing infiltration opportunities for Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, Vondel — as well as Building 21 and Koschei Complex.”

It's unclear what this "support" will include, but the developers stated that they will have additional information "ahead of Season 1." We anticipate that MW3 Season 1 will premiere on 6th December, the day that Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 concludes. Although it’s unlikely Modern Warfare 3’s weapons will feature in DMZ, most of the items you unlock such as Operator skins, Blueprints, and weapons will still carry forward to MW3 and Warzone. Therefore, there's still motivation to play even in the absence of new content.

Will there be a DMZ reset when COD: MW3 releases?

It is possible that a DMZ reset could take place with MW3’s release. The new guns, maps, and changes would make the perfect setting for a season reset, allowing players to start on equal footing while exploring the latest content coming to the game. However, this has not been officially confirmed. Until further notice, the future of DMZ is up in the air until Activision makes an official announcement on what will be happening with the game mode.

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