Overwatch 2 Endorsements are a way for players to commend and appreciate their teammates at the end of every match.


What Do Endorsements Mean in Overwatch 2?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The endorsement system is a way for players to commend and appreciate their teammates at the end of every match.
However, it is more than just a tap on the shoulders and brings rewards to players.

The official launch of Overwatch 2 on 4th October introduced many new things in the game. It also changed the endorsements system, a seemingly big improvement on the version presented in the original game. The question that Overwatch players often raise is how exactly does the new endorsement system work and what benefits does it bring forth to the table? Overwatch 2 has seen players eager to try it ever since its release and it is seeing a surge in popularity across social media sites and streaming platforms.

Endorsements in Overwatch 2 explained

One of many new features that got enhanced in Overwatch 2 is the endorsement system. Though it might not look impactful on paper, it contributes to and rewards players who keep up their morale and act civilized. The endorsement system is a way for players to commend and appreciate their teammates at the end of every match. It gives the opportunity to honor them for performing well or having good behavior in-game. The endorsements options will appear during the end-of-the-match screen, and a player can endorse up to two players after each match.

Endorsements in Overwatch 2 hold a bearing on rewards and other benefits. When a player receives an endorsement, it will contribute to their overall endorsement level and this can be tracked next to their profile in the post-match screen. 

Endorsements start from Rank 1 and go all the way up to Rank 5 and every player starts on one by default. Naturally, being on the receiving end of endorsements will increase one’s endorsement level. However, it is worth noting that it can go down if one gets reported by their teammates, leaves matches early, or if they stop receiving endorsements. 

The system will reward players with high endorsements by giving them XP to level up the Battle Pass faster. But it is not clearly mentioned how much extra XP a player will receive per level and how often this bonus reward occurs. The only guarantee is that if a player keeps up a high endorsement level, they will receive the bonus. 

Online games, especially first-person shooters, often test the patience of players, meaning that it is easy for players to be toxic to one another in the lobby. When players are frustrated and are being extremely angry, you see it bubble up in the form of voice and text abuse. The use of endorsements is a definite counter to this mentality and this will seemingly change the trajectory of gaming in Overwatch 2.

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