There are four Global Arcane emotes on Twitch currently


What Are the Arcane Emotes On Twitch?

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Emotes are one of the coolest ways to express yourself on Twitch.
If you are an Arcane fan, you can use Arcane-related emotes on Twitch.

Riot Games, by releasing Arcane, took the opportunity to introduce the world of League of Legends and its many, diverse characters to its community and also the new fans. While a release date for the second season has yet to be announced, the hype around the show only continues to grow as Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience wanting more. If you have not watched Arcane yet, the basic plot revolves around the two sisters: Jinx and Vi. 

Notably, Netflix added many of the characters from Arcane to its profile icon collection on the application as part of Arcane’s celebration and Geeked Week 2022. Additionally, if you wish to show off that you are an ardent Arcane fan, you can also use cool emotes on Twitch chat.

Arcane profile icons on Netflix

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Arcane emotes on Twitch

Before getting into the Arcane emotes on Twitch, it is important to understand what global emotes are on Twitch. Global emotes are those that every user on Twitch has access to, while custom emotes are specific to a given channel, and unlocked by subscribing to that channel. Emotes are represented with a code, with custom emotes starting with a prefix for that channel. By clicking the smiley face at the bottom of the chat box, you can look at all of the emotes available to you. You can also type in a semicolon in chat and a list of emotes will begin to autofill.

The four Arcane emotes on Twitch are all global emotes and can be used by everyone. They are as follows:

  • PogBones

  • PoroSad

  • KEKHeim

  • CaitlynS

Arcane emotes on Twitch

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If you have not spent time on Twitch, you will easily miss the references that these emotes bring forth. The lexicon of Twitch may be confusing and look like gibberish if you are not familiar with the emotes. 

Pog and POGGERS are variations of the popular PogChamp emote on Twitch, which is one of the most used emotes on the platform. It is often used to express excitement, amazement, or disbelief. PogBones is an Arcane-based variation of this emote. Fishbones is Jinx’s Rocket Launcher gun and PogBones refers to this. 

PoroSad is simply a sad version of the cute little animal that is cannon to the world of Runeterra in League of Legends. 

On the other hand, KEKHeim is a classic take on the KEKW Twitch emote. It originated from a mix of World of Warcraft references and a Spanish video that went viral in meme culture. KEKW was popularized in 2019 by xQC and AdmiralBulldog. KEKHeim includes Heimerdinger instead of the Spanish laughing man - Juan Joya Borja.

MonkaS is one of the relatable emotes on Twitch that involves Pepe the frog. He can be seen sweating, with his eyes slightly bulged in anxiousness and squinting a bit. It is used in moments of intense action. CaitlynS emote replaces Pepe with the Arcane star Caitlyn.

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