Point-blank is a prompt that appears when you kill someone in MW2.


What Are Point-Blank Kills in Modern Warfare 2?

Get up close and personal!!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Point-blank is a prompt that appears when you kill someone in MW2.
Here’s how you get point-blank kills in the game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 offers players bonus XP for pulling off different accolades in the game. The in-game challenges grant you XP, unlock bonus challenges after completing all the daily ones, and some challenges even let you unlock weapon cosmetics. Likewise, as you kill your enemy on the battlefield, you will notice certain prompts appearing on your screen. These include point-blank kills, revenge, and many others. The prompt of point-blank kills in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) has left players wondering what it is all about. Here’s what point-blank kills mean in MW2 and this article will also guide you to get them in-game.

What is a Point-Blank kill in MW2?

Oxford Languages’ definition of point-blank reads, “(of a shot, bullet, or other missile) fired from very close to its target.” The point-blank prompt will pop up when you shoot and kill someone very close to you.  Simply put, a point-blank kill in MW2 is when you kill a target standing less than five meters away from you. You will get more and more up-close-and-personal kills if you hold close angles in choke positions. While camping is a huge sin in Call of Duty, this will let you get point-blank kills easily. A closer angle essentially means that you are positioned in such a way that others cannot see you, especially in choke positions. Or you could run around the map, turn a corner and just shoot your opponent as they run into you.

How to get point-blank kills?

Players should note that the type of weapon you shoot your opponents with does not matter as long as you need to be close enough to land a killing blow. But remember that some weapons are better at short range. For instance, using a Sniper Rifle for a short-range kill would not be ideal. The reload times are absurdly long and while you are doing that, someone else could sneak up from behind and kill you. It is always safe to go for submachine guns (SMGs) in these situations as they are powerful at close range. You could also opt for shotguns or pistols if you are confident in your shots killing them instantly.

Secondly, the perks you run while trying to get point-blank kills are important. You should try perks that allow you to move around without revealing your positions. You can consider perks like Cold Blooded and Double Time. While Cold Blooded hides you from enemy optics, Double Time will allow you to tactical sprint longer and gives a 30% speed increase to crouch movement. You can also have equipment like Dead Silence that will temporarily muffle your footsteps.

Ideally when an enemy is extremely close, you could also consider just hip firing into their torso since there is no need for added accuracy through aim down sights at such close ranges. Hip firing with SMGs, Shotguns and Pistols at extremely close ranges shall most certainly get the job done.

As mentioned earlier, the chances of you getting close-range kills in open spaces are highly unlikely. The idea is to be smart while picking areas to finish this prompt. Some areas of the maps are confined spaces and are better suited for this. For example, the Breenburgh Hotel corridors and the Santa Sena Border Crossing.

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