What Are Hotspots in Fortnite and How Do You Identify Them?

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What Are Hotspots in Fortnite and How Do You Identify Them?

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Hotspots is a returning mechanic in Fortnite that was initially introduced back in 2019.
These are essentially areas where players will find an abundance of resources that can be obtained by shooting down loot carriers containing Uncommon to even Legendary items.
Players will find a maximum of three such Hotspots in one game and each area will spawn 12 to 16 loot carriers in its proximity.

Epic’s Battle Royale has gained a substantial fanbase since its inception in 2017 and the game continues to bring new and exciting updates to captivate the attention of its players. One such update has introduced a new gameplay mechanic called Hotspots to the game and many gamers are curious to understand and take advantage of this system. If you are one among them, you have stumbled upon the right guide, as we will now explain everything you need to know about these Hotspots. Let’s delve into it!

What are Hotspots in Fortnite?

Hotposts are essentially named locations across the map that are highlighted through gold-colored text. These specific areas spawn an abundance of loot carriers which are basically drones that drop uncommon to legendary weapons and items once it is destroyed. You will find around 12 to 16 loot carriers in Hotspots which means there is almost an abundance of quality weapons and items to acquire.

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While Hotspots have returned in Chapter 5, veteran players will remember that this system was first introduced to Fortnite in 2019 and still served the same exact purpose: it boosted a Point of Interest’s (POI) loot pool. These locations are limited and you may only find a maximum of 3 such areas across the entire map.

How Can You Identify a Hotspot in Fortnite?

Although there is no way to know which spots in the map are going to become Hotspots before the game, you can easily identify them once you load into the battle bus, as you will now see the names of different locations highlighted in Gold, indicating that they will get a higher concentration of resources like consumables and weaponry, thanks to the flying loot carriers.

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Spotting these Hotspots is fairly easy and intuitive but you need to keep in mind that the probability of finding more players in these areas is considerably higher than in other locations, simply because of the amount and rarity of loot they offer. You will have to battle it out with numerous other players who are all trying to access the same loot as you, which can sometimes be quite the ordeal.

Before you jump into these Hotspots, make sure you have at least a basic strategy planned out so that you can counter whatever is coming your way. It might be something as simple as choosing a specific building and using it as a cover, while also adapting to whatever dynamic situation the game throws your way.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Hotspots in Fortnite. With the newly updated week 5 quests, you will be tasked with collecting 7 rare or better weapons at a Hotspot, so knowing how this mechanic works is crucial to completing this mission and collecting the rewards and XP for it.

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