Riot Games is revamping the format of Game Changers EMEA in 2023.


VCT Game Changers EMEA 2023: Goals, Leagues & Formats Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games is revamping the format of Game Changers EMEA in 2023.
The region will be split into different levels and will enable women and marginalized communities to shine through the competition.

The Valorant Game Changers Championship marked the end of the 2022 circuit and G2 Gozen won the tournament and walked away as the World Champion after beating Shopify Rebellion in a reverse sweep. Immediately following this, Riot Games revealed that it would be changing the format for Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) in 2023 in an attempt to help the circuit grow further. Riot Games said, “We've been listening to the Game Changers community and reviewing game data and have some big changes planned which we're excited to share today.

Riot Games’ goals for Game Changers EMEA 2023

Riot Games vowed to break down stereotypes, promote inclusivity, elevate women and marginalized genders, and allow them to further their careers in a dedicated safe space and provide a platform for professional growth. “Heading into 2023, we will continue to grow that sense of community that has come to define Game Changers EMEA along with taking the format to the next level,” said the publisher.  

The VCT Game Changers circuit in EMEA will be broken down into multiple layers so that every level creates an experience that is better suited for different players with different skill levels. 

Here’s all you need to know about VCT Game Changers EMEA 2023.

VCT Game Changers EMEA 2023 format

VCT Game Changers EMEA: Academy and Emergents

The base layer of the VCT Game Changers EMEA circuit will be the foundation and will be dedicated to creating more opportunities for players to gain more knowledge whilst getting consistent competitive training in a community setting. Via a Discord community called Emergents, Valorant players will have a chance to participate in in-house competitions and this will feature leaderboards and rewards. Riot Games said, “The inaugural VCT Game Changers EMEA: Emergents will offer budding Radiants a chance to shine via an in-house competitive Discord community complete with a leaderboard and rewards.” 

The Discord channel will act as the centralized source for all the latest Game Changers EMEA news and updates. Alongside the Emergents community will be the VCT Game Changers EMEA: Academy. This will provide educational content from personalities of the Valorant ecosystem.

Contenders and VCT Game Changers EMEA

The Game Changers EMEA Contenders will be new to the circuit and this will be a series of regional events through which top-performing teams will qualify for the next layer. Each Contenders series will notably begin with an open qualifier and from here, the best teams will have the opportunity to make it to the main league, where the best four performing teams of the previous year will await.

For instance, in 2022, the VCT Game Changers EMEA Series 3's top four teams were Guild X, G2 Gozen, NAVI Celestials, and TENSTAR Nova. Apart from these four teams, 12 will qualify from the Contenders series.

The upcoming year looks competitive for Game Changers EMEA and players will have a clear path laid out to make it to the top.

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