VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024: Teams, Results, Schedule, Format, How to Watch, More

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VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024

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The VCT Kickoff Tournament, the first official VCT event, kicked off in February for all regions.
In this tournament, two teams per league will qualify for Valorant Masters Madrid 2024.
Here's all you need to know about VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024 which is kicking off on 20th February.

It is time to flag off the Valorant Champions Tour 2024 for all four regions including Americas, Pacific, EMEA [Europe, Middle-East & Africa], and China. After an exciting year of action-packed and eventful Valorant games, the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) EMEA League is back in 2024 with its first official tournament. Called VCT EMEA Kickoff, this event will prove to be a gateway into the first VCT Masters of 2024 for just two teams.

The Kickoff tournament will be followed by two stages of inter-league competition and there will also be two Masters tournaments for qualifying for Valorant Champions 2024.

Here's all you need to know about VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024 tournament, teams participating in it, scores, schedule, and more.

VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024: Complete Details

The three-part tournament will start on 20th February and continue to run for a couple of weeks, coming to an end on 1st March.

Two slots for VCT Masters Madrid 2024 will be up for grabs with an additional three points being awarded to the winning team.

Here is everything you need to know about the event and stay up-to-date with the match results.

VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024: Teams

A total of 11 teams will compete in this tournament, including one new competitor making its way into the top regional league by winning the VCT Ascension EMEA 2023 along with 10 former partners.

The 11 teams participating are as follows:

VCT Americas Kickoff 2024: Stages

The tournament has been divided into three stages:

  • Group Stage: 20th to 25th February

  • Play-In Stage: 26th February

  • Playoffs: 29th to 1st March

VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024 Tournament: Format Explainer

Group Stage

  • Three Double-Elimination format (GSL) groups

  • The highest-placing team from Valorant Champions 2023 will receive a bye in Group C (Fnatic)

  • Each group has four teams, except Group C, which has three teams

  • All matches are best-of-three (BO3)

  • Top team from each group will advance to the Playoffs

  • Second place team from each group advances to the Play-In

Play-In Stage

  • Three-team Round-Robin group

  • All matches are BO3

  • The winning team will advance to the Playoffs

Playoffs Stage

  • Four-team Single-Elimination bracket

  • Semifinals are BO3

  • Grand Final is BO5

  • Top 2 teams qualify to Masters Madrid 2024

VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024 Group Stage Schedule

Day 1: 20th Feb

Day 2: 21st Feb

Day 3: 22nd Feb

Day 4: 23rd Feb

Day 5: 25th Feb

VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024 Play-In Stage Schedule

Day 6: 26th Feb

Playoffs Results & Schedule

VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024: How to Watch

The tournament will be livestreamed across popular streaming platforms YouTube and Twitch. Apart from fighting for a chance to qualify for global events, teams from the Americas will also be fighting for the lion's share of the total prize pool. This will be divided between all the competing teams as per their overall standings. So, the stakes are higher than before!

It will be interesting to see which teams come out on top to secure the spots for VCT 2024 Masters Madrid and prove their worth.

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