Valorant Version Mismatch: Possible solutions


Valorant Version Mismatch: How to Solve This Error

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The Valorant Mismatch Error is usually encountered by players whenever Riot Games releases a new update for the game.
The issue has been around since the closed beta phase but easy fixes can help you solve this error.

While Valorant does have a lot of bugs and errors on the server side, there are other issues that crop up while playing the game that are completely on the player. One such error message is the Valorant version mismatch error. This issue is usually encountered by players whenever Riot Games releases a new update for the game. Notably, the issue has been around since the closed beta phase but easy fixes can help you solve this Valorant version mismatch error. 

Here’s all you need to know about this error and the possible ways to solve it without hassle.

What is the Valorant version mismatch error?

The error occurs usually in Valorant when Riot Games rolls out hotfixes or patches or when players open the game after a long time. Since the issue is on the players’ end, there is no point in checking the Valorant server status. 

If you or your party members face the Valorant version mismatch error, try the following fix first:

  • Exit Valorant.

  • Right-click on your Taskbar and go to Task Manager.

  • Find all processes starting with Riot in the new menu.

  • Right-click on all the processes that start with Riot and click on ‘End Task.’ 

  • Restart Valorant.

Additionally, sometimes just relaunching the Riot Games client installed on your PC, after exiting Valorant, will also fix the issue. When you relaunch the client, you will see a prompt from the developer asking you to download the latest version. Now, the automatic update process will get started and once Valorant is updated to the newest version, you should be able to play the game with your friends again without any hiccups.

On the off chance that the above-mentioned fixes do not work for you and the problem still persists despite updating the game, you might want to completely uninstall the game and download and reinstall a fresh version of Valorant. 

The idea is that when you reinstall the game again, all the necessary files are in place, allowing you to play the first-person hero shooter normally.

Also, keep in mind that you and your friends need to be on the same server region. When you try to matchmake with players who have not received a particular update while you have already updated your game, you will get the Valorant version mismatch error. Since updates are rolled out at different times to different regions, you can only sit and wait for your update to be rolled out.

If none of these fixes worked for you, your last resort is to contact Riot Games and seek help.

You can submit a support ticket after collecting your game logs and letting them know that you tried restarting the game and updating the game with the latest patch.

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