Valorant Vandal Skins Tier List: All Skins Ranked From Best to Worst

Here is the ultimate deciding factor for your next purchase.

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Valorant Vandal Skins Tier List: Complete Rankings


There are a lot of Vandal skins that have been released by Valorant developers over the years due to the weapon’s popularity.
Vandal skins have been officially divided into different classes based on several aspects.
Here is a complete Vandal skins tier list comprising of all cosmetic items for the weapon.

Vandal is one of the mainstay weapons in Valorant and the most used rifle in the game across competitive and professional play when compared to the Phantom. Due to its superior pick rate and usage, Vandal skins are some of the most sought-after and bought cosmetic items in the game.

This is a major contributing factor behind the developer releasing different types of weapon skins for the Vandal over the years, providing players with lots of options to choose from as per their requirements.

Though everyone has their own choice and preference when it comes to choosing which Vandal skins are good and bad. To provide a general overview and help those who are utterly confused what to purchase, here is a comprehensive tier list that ranks every Vandal skin from best to worst.

Valorant Vandal Skins Tier List 2023: Complete Rankings

There are many different types of Vandal skins that Valorant has to offer and these have internally been divided into different classes according to their overall value.

The various factors that determine the worth of these Vandal skins are how the weapon looks, finisher animation, inspect animation, audio changes, visual effects, and different variants.

  1. Ultra Vandal Skins | 2475 VP

  2. Exclusive Vandal Skins | 2175 or 2675 VP

  3. Premium Vandal Skins | 1775 VP

  4. Delux Vandal Skins | 1275 VP

  5. Select Vandal Skins | 875 VP

  6. Battlepass Vandal Skins | Free With Battle Pass (1000 VP)

Based on the above classifications some cosmetic items live up to the status of their category, exceed it, or fall below. Hence the Vandal skins tier list varies from the above official classification.

The above tier list classification is based on factors mentioned above and how a particular vandal skin from each class feels with respect to the other skins of the same caliber.

This list will change slightly or even drastically for each and every player as no two players will have the same opinion on any particular skin. Hence this list is just for reference, especially for those that are new to the game or those who want to take a complete look at all skins ranked together.

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