How to Get Free Vandal Skins in Valorant

A bit of a grind, a bit of a tussle, grants you a skin, free forever.

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Different Ways To Get Vandal Skins For Free In Valorant
The Vandal is one of the two rifles in Valorant which delivers crisp headshots and is lethal during mid to long-range duels.
Vandal skins are highly sought after by Valorant players delivering high aesthetic value in terms of look, feel, and extra animations.
Here are different methods you can try out in Valorant to obtain a Vandal skin for absolutely free.

Valorant has two rifles in the game, the Vandal and the Phantom, the former delivering some crisp headshots and is a true menace from range. The game offers players various cosmetic items which can be equipped as skins.

Vandal skins are hot property and there are many that the developers have released over the years. Some deliver just a normal visual upgrade to the weapon, while others change the visual animation, add better sound effects, and even additional user interface improvements.

The majority of these Vandal skins come with a price tag attached to them which can be purchased by players using real money. However, there are a few ways to obtain them for free without paying anything out of your pockets.

In this article, we will explore different ways to get Vandal skins in Valorant for absolutely free.

Different ways to get Vandal skins in Valorant for free

There are actually multiple ways of getting a Vandal skin for free in Valorant. Not all the methods might be accurate in delivering a cosmetic item for the rifle, but players will surely be able to get their hands on some skin or the other if they are active and diligent enough.

Agent Contracts

All the Valorant players can simply activate any of the 'Agent Contracts' and start grinding to attain a free skin. Over the years 21 characters have been released by the developers and each one of them comes with a free weapon skin.

You can activate and claim any of the available free agent-based weapon skin by following these steps.

  1. Go to the main menu of Valorant and click on 'Agents' on the top bar.

  2. Select the Agent for whom the free skin is assigned.

  3. Click on the 'Activate' button.

  4. Your agent contract has now been activated. As you gain experience and progress to reach Tier 10, your free weapon skin will be unlocked.

Unfortunately, none of them offer a vandal skin at this point in time, maybe an agent in the future might offer one!

Prime Gaming

For all those gamers that are subscribed to the Prime Gaming facility provided by Amazon, they can claim certain freebies every now and then. These may not necessarily be Vandal skins but you can always come across something really nice and pretty.

Technically, you are still paying for the subscription but in return you are getting a whole lot, especially if you are a gaming enthusiast and do not just grind Valorant all day long.

Prime Gaming Valorant Drops

Twitch Drops

This is a very popular way of attaining a Vandal skin without spending a dime and usually witnesses hoards of players flocking to a particular stream. All that they are required to do is link their Riot Games account to their Twitch account and watch certain streams that actually have drops enabled.

Purchasing the Battlepass

This is a sort of package subscription that the developers release at the start of every new season in Valorant. It provides community members something to look forward to and grind for.

Players can either purchase this battlepass to grind and obtain each and everything that it has to offer or they can go about doing their thing and simply collect all the free tier items which may include a Vandal skin if they are lucky.

Valorant Battlepass

Third-Party Softwares

If you're unable or unwilling to spend money to purchase a Vandal skin in Valorant, there are third-party software programs available that allow you to obtain cosmetic items through a challenging grind.

One such program is Buff, a website that runs in the background while you play Valorant and provides virtual currency that can be used to purchase Valorant Points. These points can then be deposited into your linked account, allowing you to buy a Vandal skin without spending any real money.

Therefore, if you're interested in acquiring a Vandal skin without any monetary investment, these third-party websites can be a viable option to explore. However, it is important to exercise caution when using such programs and ensure they are safe and reliable before downloading or using them.


Players should also keep an eye out for Valorant skin giveaways, usually hosted by professional players, streamers, content creators, and even some esports organizations.

To know about such events just follow Valorant teams and personalities across their social media channels. Whenever you spot one of these giving away Vandal skins as the prize, grab onto the opportunity and complete the prerequisites to be eligible for the giveaway.

If you participate in the giveaways just pray that you are selected as the winner of that particular giveaway. This method also attracts a lot of community members but completely depends on luck.

Valorant Giveaway: Vandal Skin

While getting Vandal skins in Valorant can be expensive, paying is definitely a much easier and straightforward option of obtaining your desired cosmetic item. That being said a player can also obtain one for absolutely free through many of the methods listed above.

Yes, there are disadvantages to these methods but the Vandal skins being free is simply enough to tip the scales in its favor. So, get out there, and start bagging those free Vandal skins!

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