Valorant Points Pricing in India

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is all you need to know about&nbsp;Valorant Points Pricing in India</p></div>
Here is all you need to know about&nbsp;Valorant Points Pricing in India


Valorant Points are used to buy premium content in Valorant including gun skins, bundles and more.
Here is all you need to know about Valorant Points Pricing in India.

Valorant Points (VP) can be used by players to purchase a variety of premium bundles, gun skins, Radianite Points, and more. Valorant has two primary currencies, one of which is Valorant Points (VP) which can be bought with real money and Radianite Points which can be both bought and earned by grinding the free tier of the battle pass. Valorant Points prices differ from region to region as Riot has different pricing for local currencies. Let's look at what Valorant Points are and what are Valorant Point Prices in India. 

Valorant Points Pricing in India

VALORANT Points are premium currency and can only be obtained by purchasing with real money. Currently Valorant Points in India have the following pricing:

The Valorant Points Pricing has been reverted back to the default following the temporary removal of UPI.&nbsp;

Riot Games

There are currently three payment methods acceptable for Valorant Points in India in-game. 

  • Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express)

  • Paypal

  • Prepaid Cards and Codes

Till March 2023, UPI was also an acceptable payment method for India to buy VP. However, due to technical issues, the payment method was taken down. On 9th March, Riot Games’ Valorant // India & South Asia Twitter handle wrote, “We are aware of the issue with the UPI payment system affecting players from purchasing in-game content. We're working on it right now, but in the meantime, you can submit a ticket at Once we receive your ticket, we'll reach out to support.” 

On 14th March, Riot tweeted out an alternate payment method made available for Indian players. You can head over to to purchase both VP and RP in Valorant.

Valorant Points Pricing in India through UniPin

With UniPin, you have the option to buy VP and RP through the following payment options:

 Valorant Points&nbsp;Pricing in India through UniPin remains same as previous UPI pricing.

What can you buy with Valorant Points?

You can buy a number of things with Valorant Points including gun skins, bundles and more. Here is a full list of things that can currently be purchased with VP:

  • Weapon skins in Store

  • Collection Bundles

  • Night Market offerings

  • Premium Battle Pass

  • Battle Pass tiers

  • Radianite Points

Here is how many Radianite Points (RP) you can get for VP:

Players could also buy gun buddies and cards during the Give Back collection event with Valorant Points. While Valorant is a free-to-play game and you can unlock agents by grinding, you can speed up the grind by using Valorant Points as well. 

Players can see how much money they have spent on their account buying VALORANT Points by navigating to the "Checking Your Purchase History"page and logging in.

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