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Valorant New Agent Clove's Look & Abilities Leaked

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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It has been a whirlwind month already in the Valorant community as we keep getting insights into the next new agent of the game.
While Riot Games officially announced the reveal of Agent 25, the community has been hard at work unearthing more details about them.
Here's all we know about Valorant's newest agent Clove and their persona and abilities.

Iso was the last Valorant Agent to be introduced to the game in Patch 7.09 in October 2023. With that being a long time ago, Riot Games started preparing its fans and players for the release of the next new agent, Agent 25 in Valorant. Earlier in December 2023, the community dug out a player card that reportedly alluded to the upcoming Valorant agent. This player card, in striking ping and violet hues, has now been teased by Riot Games for the addition of the new agent, thus confirming the fan theories.

This was confirmed by Riot Games on 4th March as it announced the reveal of next agent during Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Madrid 2024.

According to the reliable leakers and dataminers in the Valorant community, Valorant Agent 25 is named "Clove." It is also rumored that the agent would likely have a revive ability, as per leaked voice lines in the datamined files.

Having said all that, here's all we know about Valorant Agent 25 Clove and their abilities in-game.

Valorant New Agent Clove: All We Know So Far

The second Act of Episode 8 is just around the corner and players are eagerly anticipating the new agent to join the fray. While leakers had already published information about the name (Clove) and role (Controller) of Valorant Agent 25, the community had a fair idea of what to expect in general.

On 19th March, data miners also leaked the Agent's first look and their gender identity.

Clove is reportedly Valorant's first non-binary agent. It is also rumored that the agent would likely have a revive ability, as per leaked voice lines in the datamined files.

Clove's Leaked Abilities

On 3rd March, one Twitter user wrote, "Our new Smoke Agent will have the ability to revive after dying | #VALORANT. 'Aye fam, imagine when me and the new kid go on the same mission, other team gonna be stressin', with both of us coming back to life'"

Unlike Sage, this is going to be a self-revive ability, combining also the Ultimate of duelist Phoenix. The other abilities are still shrouded in mystery and more details will become known when Riot Games unveils the agent this month.

Additionally, their ability icons and names have reportedly been revealed by leakers. The agent’s ultimate is called Flight Path while its other utilities are called Pick Me Up, Ruse, and Meddle. The ability names are not final and could be changed before the reveal.

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