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Valorant Gun Tier List for Patch 3.0

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's gun tier list for patch 3.0 saw some minor changes with weapon pricing being tweaked around in the latest patch.
Operator, Vandal and Phantom continue to dominate the meta and are still S-tier.
Ares, Classic, and Shorty are among the most situational and underperforming weapons in the current meta.

Valorant’s gun tier list for patch 3.0 is looking very different when compared to the previous patches. While not all weapons in the game received balance changes this patch, the pricing changes for the weapons has led to some interesting shifts in power level. Valorant’s gun tier list for patch 3.0 is still dominated by the Operator as the weapon is one of the best tools to ruin anyone’s day with a single shot. The Vandal and Phantom are still just as good in Valorant’s gun tier list for patch 3.0 as they were in previous patches. Let’s take a closer look at how the balance changes affected the weapon meta in Valorant.

Valorant Gun Tier List for patch 3.0: Methodology

S-Tier: These weapons are the most effective in terms of cost and effectiveness. They are commonly used in both ranked and pro play consistently in most situations.

A-Tier: These weapons are very strong but are not as versatile as S-Tier weapons. While they can be lethal in certain situations, they are typically used for either attack or defence. However, they are far less situational than B-tier or C-tier weapons.

B-tier: While B-tier weapons can be strong in certain situations, they are not as strong as A-tier or S-tier weapons. You typically want to run them only in specific maps and situations and are not recommended.

C-tier: These weapons are barely worth picking up and almost never offer an advantage over other weapons in our Valorant gun tier list.

Valorant Gun Tier List for patch 3.0

Here are all the weapons featured in our Valorant gun tier list for patch 3.0:



Despite the Operator’s price being increased in the latest patch, it is still one of the most lethal weapons in the game. It can one shot enemies even with armor which makes it very lethal in any situation.


If you are looking for the best fast firing weapon on this Valorant gun tier list, the Phantom is the way to go. The silenced barrel and first bullet accuracy make it lethal in closed-quarters combat.


The Vandal is a slightly slower firing auto rifle compared to the Phantom but it is consistent and its kill potential is very good because of its predictable recoil.



It is one of the best early-game SMGs to use because of its comparatively low cost. It is a budget alternative to the Phantom and Vandal and is recommended in rounds where you’re strapped for credits.


The Sheriff is by far the best sidearm and at it can one shot all opponents at 30m or less. It has very high wall penetration and can kill opponents through most geometry in the game.


It is a more affordable version of the Operator. It has fast movement speed and the ability to scope very quickly, making it a lethal choice at range.


The Stinger is a cheaper but worse version of the Stinger and its low magazine makes it not worthwhile in most situations. It is good only in closed quarters where you can bridge the gap between you and your enemies and spray them down.


The Bulldog is a slow firing assault rifle making it much worse than the Phantom and Vandal. However, it is better than the SMGs in the game in eco rounds, making it a decent situational pick.



Bucky is still one of the cheapest weapons to get for early rounds. In closed quarter combat it can outshine most weapons in the game and its alternate fire is where the weapon shines the most.


The Frenzy does high damage at a low cost and the fully automatic fire rewards players who can control the recoil.


It is one of the better sidearms out there and one of the best choices in the initial rounds. You can one burst enemies to the head if they have no armor, making it extremely potent.


The heavy machine gun is a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. It also confuses players and sends them scurrying because of the high wall penetration potential.


If you want to use a shotgun effectively, the Judge is your best option. Its full-auto mode makes it lethal against weapons that are higher on the tier list in the right situations.


You can one-tap with the Guardian but handling the weapon can feel very challenging. It has high wall penetration which is the only saving grace of the weapon amidst its flaws.



The pricing changes that were implemented recently makes it very hard to recommend Ares in at higher rank in Valorant’s gun tier list for patch 3.0


The Classic is decent in pistol rounds but not much else. The right click burst mode can catch enemies off guard in enemy rounds but you are better off using other weapons past the pistol rounds of any match.


The Shorty is the cheapest weapon in the game at just 200 credits. It is useful in eco rounds but with just two shells in the magazine, it is very hard to recommend.


Melee attacks in Valorant are not very well implemented and you should pull out your knife only for style points when out of combat and only in desperate situations.

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