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Twitch Streamer Sydeon Calls Out Toxicity in Her Valorant Games

Abhimannu Das
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Twitch Streamer Sydeon talked about her experience dealing with toxicity in Valorant.
She claims that she was targeted by her teammates during one of her recent Valorant games and sexist remarks were made against her.
Riot Games has reached out to her and requested more information to take action against the players.

Twitch streamer and cosplayer Sydeon talked about how she was targeted with sexist abuses during recent Valorant matches. She detailed her experience in a Twitter thread on 21 June talking about how bad her experience was during one of her recent Valorant matches. Riot Games has responded to the issue and action might be taken against abusive players if they are found guilty. Sydeon emphasized that gaming culture needs to change and curb toxicity. Other streamers like LilyPichu have offered support to the streamer. Here is a rundown of her experience and how Riot Games responded to Sydeon.

Sydeon’s breakdown of her ranked experience in Valorant

Sydeon detailed in her Twitter thread that she queued into one solo match in Valorant and that she was “held hostage” with players asking her to get back in the kitchen. She claims that her teammates asked her why she even queues up to play games. She talked about how she has never been so upset and her teammates talk about how she is boosted for playing with friends or she gets targeted for her gender.

She responded to the toxic players stating that if players call her bad for being at her rank, other teammates are bad as well since they belong in the same rank. Sydeon even called out gaming culture and stated that it needs to change. She tagged the official Valorant Twitter account and asked if someone could listen to the comms and take action it would be really cool.

Riot Games responds to the streamer

Riot Games was quick to respond with the game’s revenue lead Joe ‘SWAGGERNAU7’ Lee asking her account name and tag. Riot Games has started recording voice activity since one of the more recent updates and it can take action against players who are toxic even in voice comms.

When a player submits a report for disruptive or offensive behavior in voice comms, the relevant audio data will be stored in your account’s registered region and evaluated to see if our behavior agreement was violated. If a violation is detected, Riot will take action. Once action is taken, the player data will be deleted. This is currently how the game handles text-chat data and a similar process is being implemented for voice chat as well.

Sydeon updated on Twitter that the teammates have been banned for one month each by Riot Games and she thanked the studio for making the community safer from toxic players.

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