Valorant Expense Tracking: How To Check Purchase History And Total Money Spent


Valorant Expense Tracking: How to Check Purchase History and Total Money Spent

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Valorant provides players with an option to track their expenses by checking their purchase history and total money spent.
It provides players with plenty of details regarding their purchases including Valorant Points and Radianite.
Check out complete details about how you can check your purchase history and total money spent in the game.

Valorant treats its community with a lot of respect, listens to them quite often, and keeps them engaged by rolling out fresh content frequently. Naturally, a lot of players end up spending money on some of these skins and items that are put on sale.

Players who have been playing Valorant long enough do end up purchasing multiple cosmetics and over time these purchases do start to stack up which can turn out to be a hefty amount.

However, there is nothing to worry about because Valorant expenses can now be easily tracked. Read on to find out how players can check their purchase history and the total amount spent by them in the game.

Expense Tracking Made Easy: How to Check Purchase History and Total Money Spent in Valorant

Valorant keeps releasing bundles, collections, and skinlines for the players to purchase, pumping out fresh content for them to enjoy while keeping their inventories up to date at the same time.

Most cosmetics are really attractive and players cannot blame themselves when it comes to some of these purchases. However, overindulgence might lead to problems for some and could turn into a not-so-great habit for others.

Here is how you can keep track of your expenses in Valorant, enjoying the game while still making some smart purchases.

Valorant always looks out for its community members and does in fact provide an option for all players to check their purchase history.

Yes, players can track down every dime that they have spent in the game from a particular account. So if someone operates multiple Valorant accounts then the steps mentioned below have to be repeated for each of them separately.

  1. Players who want to take a look at their Valorant purchase history will be required to head over to the official support page - Valorant Support.

  2. Players will then need to log in to their Riot Account.

  3. Once logged in, players will be able to see details about all their past purchases, including those made using Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite (R). The information will include everything from date, time, and costs.

Valorant Purchase History

Valorant has provided players with a very convenient and efficient tool for monitoring their spending and expenditures, mostly because the game itself involves microtransactions for various things like skins and items.

Of course an in-game setting would be more than welcome, but in the meantime this system in place is not too bad, providing everyone the necessary information without any major fuss.

For those who have multiple Valorant accounts and make purchases from them, this is an easy solution to calculate how much they have spent in total across all their accounts. Simply repeating the steps mentioned above, for each account individually, should provide the required tally in terms of purchases.

Now, players will be able to better manage their purchases in Valorant or they can continue to splurge because the quality of these cosmetics only seems to be getting better and better.

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