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Valorant Error Code 84: How to Fix

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Valorant error code 84 is usually caused when the game's servers are unavailable.
There are no fixes available as it is a server end issue but you can monitor when the services will be back online.
Checking Down Detector and the official Riot Games support page will let you know when the game is suffering from server issues.

If you are facing Valorant error code 84, you are not alone. Numerous players have been complaining about connectivity issues recently and it is due to Valorant servers being unavailable in some regions. Unfortunately, there are no fixes available for Valorant error code 84 but there are ways to confirm that the errors are not caused due to networking issues at your end. The first thing you should do when you get Valorant error code 84 is to check the official Riot Games Support Twitter handle and Down Detector to find out if the game’s servers are experiencing issues.

Valorant Error Code 84: What is it

Valorant error code 84 shows up when the game’s servers are not available. We check out the following websites to find out if the game is experiencing issues:

Valorant Down Detector

If you notice that the game’s servers are unavailable, you simply need to wait it out until the servers are back online. Alternatively, you can try connecting to other servers and see if you can get into the game without running into the error code.

How to connect to Valorant servers in a different region

If you are unable to connect to your preferred server, you may be able to play on a different server without running into problems. Choose one of the servers that offers you reasonably low latency. Here are all of the official servers in the game that you can connect to.

North America

  • US West (Oregon 1)

  • US West (Oregon 2)

  • US West (N. California 1)

  • US West (N. California 2)

  • US East (N. Virginia 1)

  • US East (N. Virginia 2)

  • US Central (Texas)

  • US Central (Illinois)

  • US Central (Georgia)

Latin America

  • Santiago

  • Mexico City

  • Miami


  • Sao Paulo 1

  • Sao Paulo 2


  • Frankfurt 1

  • Frankfurt 2

  • Paris 1

  • Paris 2

  • Stockholm 1

  • Stockholm 2

  • Istanbul

  • London

  • Warsaw

  • Madrid

  • Bahrain


  • Seoul 1

  • Seoul 2


  • Hong Kong 1

  • Hong Kong 2

  • Tokyo 1

  • Tokyo 2

  • Singapore 1

  • Singapore 2

  • Sydney 1

  • Sydney 2

  • Mumbai

If you are unable to stay connected in any region, you will need to wait until the servers are back online again. If the official social media accounts do not have an update on when the servers will be online again, you can request information at:

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