Valorant Episode 6 Act 4: Release Date, Battle Pass Price

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant Episode 6 Act 4 will likely be Episode 7 Act 1.</p></div>
Valorant Episode 6 Act 4 will likely be Episode 7 Act 1.


Valorant's new Episode and Act will likely debut a little over a month from now.
Valorant Episode 6 Act 4 will likely be Episode 7 Act 1, following Riot's episode-act format.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 4 will go live at the end of Episode 6 and bring with it a number of balance changes to maps, agents and weapons along with new content. Players can also look forward to a new battle pass which you can level up by completing daily and weekly missions to earn XP. This will help you earn the two free rewards every 5 tiers. If you buy the premium pass, you’ll be able to nab all the rewards for the tiers. Here is all we know about Valorant Episode 6 Act 4. 

Episode 6 Act 4 will likely be Episode 7 Act 1

If Riot decides to follow their usual episode-act format, Valorant Episode 6 Revelation will likely come to an end with Act 3, bringing in the new Episode 7, so Valorant Episode 6 Act 4 will actually be Episode 7 Act 1.  Each Valorant episode lasts approximately six months. With Episode 6 Revelation having gone live on 10th January, 2023, the next episode will likely go live at the end of this act. The new episode will mark a change for competitive Valorant, giving players  a gun buddy for a rank equal to the top Act Rank they reached in that episode. Players will also see their ranks receive a soft reset. You can also look forward to a new cinematic that expands the lore of Valorant, which usually comes with every new episode. For this episode it was a cinematic that showed off the new map Lotus:

Valorant Episode 6 Act 4 Battle Pass Release Date and Price

As mentioned previously, the next 'season' will likely be Episode 7 Act 1. According to the in-game battle pass timer, you’ll be able to earn rewards for this pass for the next 45 days. So the release date for Valorant Episode 6 Act 4 / Episode 7 Act 1 battle pass tentatively will be 27th June 2023. The new battle pass will likely bring three new weapon skin lines, gun buddies, titles, player cards, sprays and also have a bunch of Radianite Points up for grabs. 

Unless there is a change to the price of the new battle pass, it will cost 1000 VP, which is approximately $10, and the price might vary a bit based on your region. If you buy this act’s premium pass, make sure you level it up before the beginning of Episode 7 Act 1 to earn all the rewards. Once the current act comes to an end, expect a short maintenance period where the servers are taken down.

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