Valorant will soon have an icy and cool skin collection called the Cryostasis bundle.


Valorant Cryostasis Skin Bundle: Theme, Price & Release Date

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Valorant will soon have an icy and cool skin collection called the Cryostasis bundle.
The bundle features a melee and includes skins for the Vandal, Operator, Bulldog, and Classic.

While players are still contemplating whether or not to buy the Abyssal bundle that just dropped on 1st December, Riot Games has already announced the next one. An icy new cosmetic collection is making its way into Valorant, right on cue for the holiday season. Named “Cryostasis,” this skin collection will play right into the theme of Christmas and will definitely look stylish on Icebox. This winter-themed collection features cosmetics for Vandal, Bulldog, Operator, and the Classic along with a melee weapon that you can sport in-game. What’s really cool about this bundle is its unique animation that seemingly changes throughout the game.

Valorant Cryostasis Skin Bundle Overview

Before getting into the details of the collection, let us understand what the name implies. Cryostasis is the process of preservation of living organisms by employing low temperatures. Staying true to the name, the skins featured on the Cryostasis bundle change as the game progresses. 

At the start of the game, the weapons will reportedly look normal and players can see the details on them. However, as the game progresses, the weapons will slowly freeze and turn icy, according to leaks. This collection is the opposite of the warm, fiery skins of Elderflame, which were released soon after Valorant’s launch. If your go-to choice is ice over fire, the Cryostasis collection will play right into your taste. The bundle is also expected to feature upgrades including a custom finisher and a kill banner. The melee in this collection is an icebreaker weapon that also looks like a hammer. 

The Cryostasis bundle features the following weapons:

  • Ice hammer (melee)

  • Cryostasis Classic

  • Cryostasis Bulldog

  • Cryostasis Vandal

  • Cryostasis Operator

In general, cosmetics in Valorant are ranked by tier:

  • Select Edition 

  • Deluxe Edition 

  • Premium Edition 

  • Ultra Edition

  • Exclusive Edition

The Cryostasis bundle is likely to fall under the Deluxe Edition category and in that case, it will cost 7,100 Valorant Points (VP). This collection will hit the Valorant shop on 14th December.

However, if you have saved VP to buy some other skin in-game, there’s good news for you because Valorant’s annual Night Market goes live on 7th December and will be available for an entire month. Players will get access to a selection of purchasable cosmetics to choose from until 4th January 2023. Riot Games modeled the feature after “Your Shop” from League of Legends and it has allowed players to get their hands on expensive skins at hefty discounts over the past year.

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