Valorant Community Challenges 2023: What Are They? How To Complete?

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Valorant Community Challenges 2023: What Are They? How To Complete?

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Riot Games introduced a range of Valorant Community Challenges for players.
They range from completing certain hours of gaming to getting kills with specific weapons, etc.
Here, we’ll share everything you need to know about the Valorant Community Challenges 2023.

The Valorant community is thriving better than ever. To honor this community, Riot Games has decided to introduce Valorant Community Challenges, a door through which players can unlock a range of rewards for themselves and the community. They are different from the daily or weekly quests that individual players complete. 

Riot Games said, "While we’ve been blown away by your turnout at events and your efforts in the game, we have one last thing—a small challenge, if you will, before we head into 2024."

In this article, we will delve into Valorant Community Challenges 2023. We will also explore what they are and how you can also participate in them to earn redeemable rewards for yourself and the whole Valorant community. 

What Are Valorant Community Challenges 2023?

In the coming three weeks, the Valorant Community Challenges will take over the game, focusing on a few specific playstyles.

This event is scheduled to start from 27th November onwards and will take place till 15th December, handing the community different challenges and rewards, which they will have to complete within a set duration.

While the goal is to complete goals together as a community, there will also be a few friendly competitions on the way, paving way for more engagement and excitement. 

Valorant Community Challenges 2023 Agenda

The event will begin on 27th November 2023, with the commencement of the first week. The agenda for the three weeks is as follows:

Week One Objective: As a community, players should to play at least 555,555 matches of Team Deathmatch to complete the objective.

Reward: When players will complete the objective, they'll receive the Seal of Approval Gun Buddy as the reward.

Week 1 Reward

Week Two Objective: Players must contribute to 500,300,100 kills with either a Vandal or Phantom in any game mode.

Reward: The reward for this objective include Not a Peep & VERSUS // Deadlock + Gekko Player Cards.

Week 2 Rewards

Week Three Objective: Players need to earn 300,000,000 assists in any game mode.

Reward: The reward for completing this objective is Wingman Spray.

Week 3 Rewards

How to Participate in the Valorant Community Challenges 2023?

To participate in the Valorant Community Challenges, simply login to the game during the given dates. Riot Games will share the progress made during the event on their social media platforms. After the challenges are finished and players have received their rewards, they can redeem them on the Riot Games E-Shop website.

Make sure that you redeem these rewards before 31st December 2023 as they will expire afterwards. 

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