Here is the Valorant battle pass price in India.


Valorant Battle Pass Price in India

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With a new act comes a brand new battle pass featuring skinlines such as Moondash, Bound and Monstrocity.
Here is the Valorant battle pass price in India.

Along with Episode 6 Act 3 comes a new Valorant Battle Pass which includes some premium content and some free content that you can grind for. The Valorant battle pass has 50 tiers and an epilogue which you can level up. If you want the gun skins, buddies, titles and player cards included in the premium tiers you’ll have to purchase the pass using Valorant Points (VP). If you’re playing from the Indian region, here is how much the Valorant battle pass price will set you back. 

Valorant Battle Pass Price in India

The premium Valorant battle pass has pretty comparable prices across different regions. For India, VALORANT Points (VP) are premium currency and can only be obtained by purchasing with Indian rupees. The Valorant battle pass price in India is 1000 VP. 

Unfortunately due to some technical issues with UPI, Riot Games has temporarily disabled the payment method for India. There are currently three payment methods you can use in-game to buy the pass including Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), Paypal, Prepaid Cards and Codes. For Indian players who do not have access to these payment methods, Riot has added a new payment method called UniPin. You can head over to to purchase both VP and Radianite Points (RP) in Valorant. Here is the pricing for UniPin in india:

You can get the Riot Cash $10 tier to purchase 1000 VP. So the Valorant battle pass price in India is Rs. 833.

What is in the premium Valorant Battle Pass for Episode 6 Act 3?

The Valorant battle pass for Episode 6 Act 3 includes the Moondash, Bound and Monstrocity skinlines. There are also a number of titles, cards and gun buddies included in the pass. If you buy the premium pass you will also receive an XP boost.

Tier 1 - 5

  • Moondash Frenzy

  • Hot and Spicy Buddy

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Bound Card

  • Bound Classic

Tier 6 - 10

  • Nothing To See Here Spray

  • Put It On My Card Spray

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Monstrocity Card

  • Monstrocity Ares

Tier 11 - 15

  • Moondash Card

  • Omen Remembers Spray

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Night Guard Buddy

  • Moondash Stinger

Tier 16 - 20

  • Bound Judge

  • Caffeine Dreams Card

  • Monstrocity Spray

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Monstrocity Spectre

The new Valorant Battle Pass in India will set you back 1000 VP. 

Riot Games

Tier 21 - 25

  • Am I Clear? Spray

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Drop The Hammer Buddy

  • Don’t Look Back Spray

  • Bound Phantom

Tier 26 - 30

  • Perfect Disaster Spray

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Bound Spray

  • Claw Master Card

  • Bound Bulldog

Tier 31 - 35

  • Nothing To Lose Card

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Moondash Buddy

  • Moondash Spray

  • Moondash Guardian

Tier 36 - 40

  • Not Your Healer Spray

  • Bound Buddy

  • Best Served Cold Card

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Moondash Marshal

Tier 41 - 45

  • Peace Out Spray

  • Blueberry Buddy

  • Scylla And Charybdis Card

  • 10 Radianite Points

  • Bound Melee

The Bound melee is the last tier of the current premium battle pass.

Riot Games

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