Riot Games introduced Valorant Badges for players to show off their statistics on social media.


Valorant Badge: What Is It and How to Make One?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games introduced Valorant Badges for players to show off their statistics on social media.
Here’s how you can create one for yourself.

It is safe to say that every Valorant player would have felt the need to show off their Valorant stats and their performance on their favorite agent in the game at some point. Riot Games also understands how big the community has grown over the past two years and is constantly coming up with new ways to engage with the players. One such initiative by Riot is the Valorant Badge,  a new cosmetic item that allows players customization. This update for the Valorant Badge will let players proudly show off their KDAs [Kill/Death/Assist]. 

This new update will allow players to choose their agent of liking and select from over 25 different color combinations to make the Valorant Badge look impeccable. The Valorant Badge will highlight every agent that a player has played recently and help players share their KDAs, damage dealt, headshot accuracy, and win rate.

How to create a Valorant Badge?

  • Head over to

  • Log in to your Riot Games account.

  • After logging in, click on the "Create Your Badge" button.

  • You will be navigated to a page where all the Valorant agents are listed. From this list, you will have to choose an agent that you want to display on the Valorant Badge.

  • You can choose the color scheme for your badge after picking an agent. 

  • Once you’ve finalized the agent and the color theme, you will be able to share your Valorant Badge on socials.

Players can create as many badges as they want. However, you must have played Valorant in the last month to get your hands on the custom badge. Notably, you can only get stats for agents you have run actively in competitive games. During the badge creation process, you will see an option to hide your Riot ID. Uncheck that box to have your Riot ID hidden on the badge. 

The stats that you can display on the Valorant Badge are as follows:

  • Agent K/D

  • Damage/Round

  • Agent Win Rate

  • Headshot Accuracy

In case you’re looking for detailed, in-depth statistics, there are plenty of third-party websites that will cater to your needs. However, please be wary while entering account details on other websites that are not run by Riot Games. Please note that Riot does not use any third-party websites for the creation of these badges.

So there you have it! Creating a badge on the website is straightforward and not at all time-consuming. However, if you are someone that is super into aesthetics and color schemes, you might end up spending a lot more time with the personalization aspect of this feature.

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