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Treasure Packs in Apex Legends Explained: What Do You Get From It?

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Treasure Packs in Apex Legends allow players to regularly unlock cosmetics, crafting materials, Apex packs and comic pages.
Only one treasure pack can be picked up per day and around 60 are needed every season to unlock all rewards.
Comics from past seasons cannot be viewed in-game but you can check them out in the Wiki.

Treasure packs in Apex Legends are random drops that show up during gameplay and you can pick one up every day. They were first introduced in-game in Season 5 and have been a mainstay in the game ever since. In addition to the season pass, there is separate seasonal rewards track that can be progressed by picking these treasure packs up.

Each time you pick up a treasure pack, you gain a level on the seasonal quest and as you keep progressing, you can earn skins, crafting materials, gun charms and comic pages. While the rewards are great, the comic pages are what stand out each season as they help progress the lore of the Apex universe and also hint at future content. Here is everything you need to know about treasure packs in Apex Legends.

How do treasure packs work in Apex Legends

Whenever you open a loot bin in Apex Legends, there is a chance that a treasure pack will drop to the ground. You will be able to pick on up every day and gain a level on your rewards track. The rewards are automatically claimed and you do not need to manually open up the treasure packs.

Treasure pack rewards Apex Legends

You can check your progress in the main menu under the Comics section. You need to login for 60 days a season on an average to unlock all levels and comic pages. Comic pages are typically time gated to one unlock a week and you will be spending about five or six weeks unlocking these pages to view the full seasonal comic.

Season 10: Emergence is currently ongoing and if you want to know how to read all the Apex Legends comics from the current season, this is what you need to do.

How to view comics in Apex Legends

Once you unlock pages by collecting treasure packs in Apex Legends, you can view them by doing the following:

  1. Login to Apex Legends

  2. Click on Season 10: Emergence

  3. Click on Comics

  4. View the unlocked comic pages

To unlock all the pages you need to be playing regularly and pickup treasure packs that spawn from loot bins. As stated earlier can pick up one treasure pack a day, which grants you access to rewards and unlocks comic pages.

If you want to check out comics from older seasons:

  1. Head to the official Quests page on the Apex Legends Fandom wiki

  2. Scroll down to the List of Quests Section

  3. Click on First Ship, Family Portrait, or Armageddon

  4. In the respective Quests, you can now click on the Pages and view the comic panels

The first-ever comic dropped in Season 6 and there are no comic pages that you can view from seasons 1-5. Season 10 is coming to a close on 2nd November and if you start today, you will not be able to unlock all of the treasure pack rewards. But logging in for on any 60 days out of the entire season in Season 11 or beyond will allow you to unlock the full suite of rewards from treasure packs in Apex Legends.

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