Top Wall Bang Spots on Ascent Valorant

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ascent is the first map that was released along with the launch of the game.</p></div>
Ascent is the first map that was released along with the launch of the game.


Ascent was the first map that Riot Games released when Valorant was released.
Here are the seven top wall bang spots you need to make use of while playing on Ascent.

Wall bang in Valorant is basically the act of shooting a character through a wall without having direct vision of them. It denotes bullet shots that penetrate an obstacle like a wall or a box and this successful burst of fire can be enough to take down an opponent. If played perfectly to the T, wall bang shots using Odin or Operators can kill enemies sitting behind the wall. Ascent was the first map that Riot Games released when Valorant was officially launched in June 2020. This map, just like other Valorant maps, has a number of wall bang spots that can change the outcome of the game.

Here are some of the best wall bang spots on Ascent in Valorant.

Where to wall bang on Ascent map in Valorant?

Firstly, you need to know that you can use any gun to shoot through the walls. While guns like the Guardian, Sheriff, and Operator deal significant damage through walls, Odin and Ares are usually the top picks when it comes to spamming through surfaces. That is because Odin and Ares come with a high fire rate and high penetration damage and they naturally have a bigger magazine size compared to the other weapons in the game. 

Here are the seven top wall bang spots you need to make use of while playing on Ascent. Note that these wall bang spots can be used on both attack and defense.

Ascent A-site default plant

The default plant area for attackers on A-site is in front of the generator. In the case of a retake scenario, all you need to do is, spam the wall to the left side of the door below the lamp when you enter the site from the Garden. Spamming this wall can come in handy for both defense and attack. This wall bang spot can be used to prevent default plants and as attackers, you can spam the spot to get kills while enemies try to defuse the spike. 

A-site Heaven/Hell spam

This one is almost instinctive. When you play on Ascent and you hear footsteps underneath you while you are on the Rafters or the A-site Heaven, you instantly shoot bullets near your feet to deal damage to the enemy hiding below. Likewise, if you are holding the site all by yourself and you hear enemies walk on Heaven, you can again spam through the thin roof to ensure kills or at least scare them off.

Mid Link wall bang

On Ascent, players usually peek from the Mid Courtyard to get kills on the enemies near trees. It is very common for players to hide on either side of the wall in the Mid Link area. The walls are pretty soft and can be penetrated with weapons like Vandal. While defending, you can spam the wall to break the tiles and damage your enemies.

Ascent Mid Market and Catwalk

With the mid area a highly contested space in Ascent, you need to take control of the mid-market as soon as possible. One of the best ways to ensure that is by spamming the wall on lower-mid from top-mid or the catwalk. This will instantly damage enemies peeking mid from mid-market.

Ascent Market from B Site

This wall bang spot from Ascent B site is perfect to clear out enemies holding Market. After entering the site, you can spam the Market’s right-side wall to deal heavy damage to your enemies.

Corner behind the B-site switch

This wall bang spot is used to kill enemies who hop onto the little box behind the switch area on the B site. Spamming the area next to the switch can instantly kill enemies hiding in the corner. Notably, this spot is very easy to penetrate and hence you can use your regular rifles – Phantom or Vandal – to penetrate through this surface.

B-Main wall bang

If you are a Valorant player, you are no stranger to this particular wall bang spot. It is incredibly frustrating to enter B-site in the latter rounds of the match since the defenders can just buy Ares or Odin to spam the wall to damage you and pick up kills before you even enter the site. The trick is to make use of agents like Sova or Fade to reveal B-Main and all you have to do is shoot above the little animal painting on the wall to deal damage to attackers, and if lucky, get early picks at the start of the round.

These are some of the best places to spam your gun’s magazines on Ascent to slow down enemies, prevent spike plants, or enable quick retakes. In Valorant, apart from crispy gunplay, you need to play smart and make the best use of your abilities, and utilize the way that maps and walls are designed to win rounds.

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