Enchantments for Shields in Minecraft


Top Three Enchantments for Shields in Minecraft

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Shields in Minecraft support only three types of enchantments but choosing between them can be very difficult.
Curse of Vanishing is not great and it is used only in challenge runs or as a means to have fun.
Mending and Unbreakable are the two viable options with Mending coming out on top as the superior enchantment.

Shields are important to a lot of endgame players in Minecraft but choosing the right enchantment for your shield can be tricky. There are only three options and it can be very difficult to choose between them. While Curse of Vanishing isn’t great by any means, having to choose between Unbreaking and Mending is very tricky. Let’s go over the top three enchantments for shields in Minecraft and discuss which one you should be using.

Best Enchantment for Shields in Minecraft

Curse of Vanishing

Let’s get the one bad enchantment out of the way. Curse of Vanishing is not good and it can be completely ignored. Unless you want to troll your friends in a co-op environment, it serves no practical purpose outside of challenge runs. If you die, you will lose your shield if the Curse of Vanishing is applied, so you should look at the next two options instead.


Unbreaking is a solid enchantment that bolsters your shield and gives you enhanced durability. There are three levels of enchantments but the enchantment works differently from what you would expect. It does not actually increase durability directly but adds a random chance that your durability does not go down when you use your shield. 


Mending is by far the best option if you have access to the enchantment. It is extremely rare so you might want to use Unbreaking until you get your hands on the Mending enchantment in Minecraft. It automatically repairs your shield at the cost of some experience points. Considering that you will be using your shield during combat, you will keep earning experience points and have your shield durability topped up at all times.

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