Best Minecraft Hoe Enchantments


5 Best Enchantments to Use on a Minecraft Hoe

Abhimannu Das
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A hoe is a tool used to harvest certain plant-based or organic blocks more quickly in Minecraft.
You can get a variety of bonuses ranging from mining efficiency to auto-mend for your hoe.
Silk Touch and Unbreaking can be very useful enchantments to use but Mending is arguably your best option.

Players can enchant a hoe in Minecraft using a number of different enchantments. You can get a variety of bonuses ranging from mining efficiency to auto-mend and it can be difficult to choose which enchantments to use. Here are our picks for the best enchantments to use on your hoe in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft hoe enchantments

Here are the top five enchantments to use on a hoe: 


Repairs the item when gaining XP orbs. (Max enchantment level: 1). It can be difficult to get Mending in Minecraft due to the low odds of getting it at the enchanting table but it is a great powerup that lets your hoe repair itself using your XP points.


Increases mining speed. (Max enchantment level: 5). Mining in Minecraft does not need to be tedious and having Efficiency enchantments on your gear can help you tons of times. It is one of the go-to options on any tool and you should consider using it if you want to speed up farming so it doesn’t feel too monotonous.


Increases item durability. (Max enchantment level: 3). Typically, you want to use one hoe and do not want to keep crafting new ones. The Unbreaking enchantment prevents your tools from breaking too easily and it is one of the best upgrades you can give your tool.


Increases certain item drop chances from blocks. (Max enchantment level: 3). If you want to increase the number of drops you get, using the Fortune enchantment is a great option. It is ideally used for harvesting crops but it is not ideal in all situations. Use it only if you don’t have the Mending enchantment which is much more useful.

Silk Touch

Mined blocks will drop as blocks instead of breaking into other items/blocks. (Max enchantment level: 1). It is a very useful power-up and allows you to break blocks without requiring specific tools at times. 

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