Top champions with best win rates in LoL Patch 13.17


Top 3 Champions in LoL Patch 13.17 That You Need to Play in Ranked

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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LoL Patch 13.17’s highest win rate champions seem very unconventional at the moment.
They are Swain, Tryndamere, and Karthus who all have over 53% win rate.

Riot Games released LoL Patch 13.17 on 30th August and with every new patch, the state of the game changes as there are a bucket load of adjustments made to champions, items, and systems. League of Legends has over 160 champions and not all of them produce the same results when thrown into a ranked game. This is usually because some of them fit well within the current meta and seamlessly work around other popular champions of the patch. But the early win rates help gain insight into what can be expected from the upcoming patches.

The statistics only reflect the current status of the new patch and could change over time.

Here are the top three League of Legends champions that are ruling the roost in LoL Patch 13.17 in the tiers of Platinum and above.

Swain - 54.25% Win Rate in LoL Patch 13.17

This Swain win rate is for his bottom lane and he has been a great pick as the carry. While playing him, you hit a massive power spike in level 3 which allows you to go all-in with high amounts of burst damage. Swain's early and late game are a bit weak, while he clearly excels in the mid-game as he starts buying powerful items.

The best part about Swain is the excellent crowd control (CC) he presents which works well against immobile carries. You can follow up with your E: Nevermove and press it twice to pull the enemy closer.

Swain has the highest win rate in LoL Patch 13.17 with 54.25% in over 17,000 games in tiers of Platinum and above. His pick and ban rates are 1% and 2.6%, respectively.


Riot Games

Tryndamere - 53.42% Win Rate

Tryndamere is finding a lot of success in the early part of LoL Patch 13.17 given that he just received some of the best buffs. Riot Games wanted him to be on par with other melee skirmishers and hence changed his base stats:

  • Attack Range: 125 ⇒ 175

  • Attack Damage: 72 ⇒ 68

Talking about the AD (attack damage) nerf, Riot Games reasoned, "We’re preemptively nerfing Trynadmere’s base attack damage which should also reduce his ability to gain leads via level 1 and 2 all-ins."

Despite this nerf, Tryndamere remains a favored pick especially in the middle lane as he currently has 53.42% win rate in mid lane in Platinum and above tiers in LoL Patch 13.17.

His other stats are:

  • Pick Rate: 0.9%

  • Ban Rate: 9.7%


Riot Games

Karthus - 53.37% Win Rate

The third highest win rate in this patch belongs to Karthus carry in the bottom lane. In over 17K games, he has over 53.3% win rate with a pick rate of 1% and a ban rate of 3.3%.

Karthus has great objective control due to the amplified damage dealt by his Q: Lay Waste on single targets. While his early game is weak, he is extremely dangerous in the late game. He also has a global ultimate that can change the outcome of important team fights around objectives.

Regardless of skill tier and ranks, it is always good to understand what the current meta is and which champions are finding success. The statistics were sourced from U.GG.

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