Titan Forge Devs Explain Why Your Skins Cannot Be Transferred Over To Smite 2


Titan Forge Devs Explain Why Your Skins Cannot Be Transferred Over To Smite 2

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Considering the massive generational leap between the two game engines, transferring the skins to the new game would require re-creating them from scratch in Unreal Engine 5.
Developer Titan Forge states that the entire process would take them over 246 years of work.
To reimburse for this decision, the devs introduced Legacy Gems and a Divine Legacy that will be implemented in Smite 2.

Numerous players of the well-known 3rd person MOBA were excited to see developer Titan Forge announce the long-awaited sequel at the Smite World Championship in Arlington, Texas. This upcoming title will be a massive generational leap, taking the game from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 5, featuring impressive graphical fidelity, overhauled lane layouts, crossplay, cross-progression, and more. 

While anticipation builds up for the upcoming game, there was also the lingering question of account and skin transfer. Smite has a massive catalog of over 1,600 skins present in it and many were wondering if their cherished collection would carry over to the new title. Regrettably, the answer is no, but understanding the rationale behind the dev’s decision provides clarity. Let’s delve into it.

Transferring Skins From Smite 1 to the Upcoming Sequel Would Take 246 Years

As mentioned above, Smite 2 marks a huge generational leap in terms of its game engine and this means every skin present in the first game has to be re-made from scratch in Unreal Engine 5. The devs claimed that recreating one single skin would take them around two months and considering its colossal collection of 1,600 skins, it would take them a total of 246 years to faithfully redesign all of them.

However, they mentioned that any gem-purchasable skins added to Smite this year would be transferable between the two games. These cosmetics are referred to as Cross-gen skins and the developer claims that they have rebuilt their internal skin development pipeline to build these skins twice, one for each title effectively.

Titan Forge also understands the player’s frustration that comes along with the inability to transfer their cherished skin collection, so as a way to compensate players for their time and money spent in the game, they are introducing two new systems; Legacy Gems and Diving Legacy, which will they hope will reimburse for the hassle.

What Are Legacy Gems and How Will Divine Legacy Work in Smite 2?

Legacy Gems account for every gem that you have ever spent in Smite, regardless of whether you’ve purchased or acquired them for free. They can be used to pay for 50% of the price of most in-game items that will be available in Smite 2, which means you only need to spend half on things like skins, battle passes, and events until you’ve exhausted all of your Legacy Gems.

The Divine Legacy will also be a new event made with a similar intent and it will reward you for all the progress and achievements that you have accumulated in Smite 1. The devs will keep track of several things like the gods you’ve mastered, the number of skins unlocked, the number of hours played, the number of ranked matches lost, etc, and grant you a total number of points. With those points, you can acquire the following:

  • You can unlock a choose-your-own Tier 5 and a choose-your-own Tier 4 in Smite 1

  • You’ll unlock up to 11 skins in Smite 2, free – one for each year of Smite

  • You’ll get a number of Smite 2 Badges to show off some of your amazing Smite 1 achievements, your rare skins – and your exact Mastery Level and Star Count on each God.

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