Smite 2 Alpha: How to Sign Up for Playtest


Smite 2 Alpha: How to Sign Up for Playtest

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After a decade since Smite went live, developer Titan Forge announced its long-awaited sequel which is being developed entirely on Unreal Engine 5.
Although there has been no official release date yet, publisher Hi-Rez has announced that the Alpha Playtest for Smite 2 will begin in Spring 2024.
The playtest is expected to showcase 25 enhanced versions of the Gods from the first game with 10 of them being confirmed so far.

After several months of leaks and rumors, developer Titan Forge has finally unveiled the much-awaited sequel to their well-known MOBA which was released back in 2014. Unlike other games that only bring minor improvements in their sequels, Smite 2 is drastically changing numerous elements of the game except for its core gameplay. This upcoming title has been built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5 and many fans are expecting this to be a visually stunning treat. To further increase the hype among the player base, publisher Hi-Rez has announced an Alpha playtest for the fans. Here’s how you can sign up for it.

How to Sign Up for Smite 2’s Alpha Playtest?

On 12th January, fans of the MOBA finally received the news that their favorite title is getting its well-deserved sequel through the game’s social media channels. The announcement featured a short 1-minute trailer showcasing the bumped-up visual fidelity along with the overhauled versions of 10 known Gods featured in the first game.

While the announcement didn’t carry a release date, we got to know that the Alpha playtest will arrive sometime during Spring 2024. One thing to note is that this playtest will only feature 25 playable gods, out of which 10 have been confirmed so far. These are:

  • Bacchus

  • Anhur

  • Ymir

  • Anubis

  • Bellona

  • Chaac

  • Kukulkan

  • Odin

  • Cernunnos

  • Loki

Registering for the Alpha requires you to head to the official Smite 2 website, click on "Register for Alpha", select your platform, and enter your Email ID. You will then be notified whenever the playtest goes live for your mentioned platform.

Apart from the graphical enhancements, the game will also feature a revamped Relic system along with changes to the Ward slot, now allowing you to stick to one Ward for the entirety of the match. The map is also getting an overhaul with different lane layouts and jungle camps. Furthermore, Gods will also have the ability to change their Strength and Intelligence rather than being bound to the Magic of Physical items, allowing for more dynamic playstyles.

Can You Still Play Smite 1 After the Release of Smite 2?

Smite 1 is expected to co-exist with the upcoming sequel and it might even get another year of content along with minor updates and patches over time. The game has a massive popularity with over 40 million players so far and it might take quite a while for these players to transition over to Smite 2. Furthermore, this upcoming title will only be supported on current-gen consoles and PCs, meaning gamers who are still on older-gen consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will continue to keep the game alive. 

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