These Fortnite Earthbending Tricks Will Easily Catch Your Opponents Off Guard!

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>These Fortnite Earthbending Tricks Will Easily Catch Your Opponents Off Guard!</p></div>

These Fortnite Earthbending Tricks Will Easily Catch Your Opponents Off Guard!


Following the introduction of Avatar into Fortnite, many players came up with creative ways to use various Mythic bending powers.
Once you get the hang of it, the following Earthbending tricks will help you easily gain an edge over your opponents.

The highly anticipated Fortnite X Avatar collaboration went live earlier this month on 9th April. In addition to offering brand-new Avatar-themed outfits and accessories, this crossover also introduced the Elements event, allowing players to wield various bending powers within the game’s battle royale mode.

While each elemental bending power offered its own unique moves, Earth Bending was arguably preferred the most among players, mainly due to its defensive abilities. Soon after its introduction, many came up with various Earth Bending tricks that you can perform to surprise your opponents and gain a serious upper hand in battles. Here’s how you can use them to your advantage.

The Best Earthbending Tricks in Fortnite !

Soon after the Earth Chakra quests went live on 15th April, players got to test out the Earthbending elemental powers, that offered both offensive and defensive moves. Once you equip the Earthbending Mythic Scroll, your attack move allows you to hurl rock projectiles upon your opponents that explode on impact, and deal damage to your enemy and the structure around them.

Your defensive move allows you to create a rock wall, essentially blocking enemy attacks and providing cover for you and your teammates. While these are the intended use cases for Earthbending, many players devised creative ways to use these abilities. Although the attack move is quite slow, the rock barrier can be used in various ways to gain an edge over your opponents.

Besides using Earthbending to replace enemy-built structures, the most common trick involves timing the eruption of the rock wall and using it to throw enemies up in the air. You can also use this in tandem with the left click to hurl projectiles at them while in the air, dealing potent damage. However, keep in mind that you can only do this at close range, and it proves to be the most effective when you are battling them on hilltops, as they will fall to their death.

The coolest Earthbending trick discovered so far seems to involve riding a Dirtbike and using the Rock Wall as a ramp to lift off and catch enemies by surprise. Not only will you get a better view of your opponent, but you will also be able to pick them off while mid-air, either by quickly switching to your weapons or combining this with other bending powers.

The best approach would be to deal consistent damage using Waterbeding projectiles and using the Rock Wall to fly up in the air for the final trick shot. Besides being relatively easier to control, the icy projectiles from Waterbending also have an effective range of up to 200 meters. This Earthbending trick is certainly overpowered once you get the hang of it, as you can still use your weapon and abilities while riding the dirtbike. 

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