These Are the Top 5 Weapons You Must Use in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2!


These Are the Top 5 Weapons You Must Use in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2!

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The season of Myths and Mortals contains a total of 22 new and returning weapons and equipment.
Zeus’ Thunderbolt comes very close to taking the 5th spot on our list, however, it makes you an easy target while suspended in the air and requires precision to land all three strikes.

Chapter 5 Season 2 of Fortnite allows players to relive the Greek mythological era, experiencing legendary locations and interacting with powerful gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and more. Additionally, the season of Myths and Mortals also grants access to a catalog of powerful equipment you can wield to gain significant leverage over your enemies. Without further ado, here are the top 5 new and returning weapons that you need to be a part of your arsenal for this season.

The Best Weapons You Need to Use in Fortnite’s Season of Myths and Mortals

Besides adding mythological characters, this season of Fortnite also brings 6 different weapons and equipment that you can add to your loadout. Currently, there are a total of 22 weapons in the game and rumors suggest that three more weapons such as a scoped AR, a new Pistol, and an SMG be added to the catalog.

Here are the top 5 new and returning weapons that you must equip in Season 2:

Ares’ Warforged Assault Rifle

1. Ares’ Warforged Assault Rifle

This Mythic AR is arguably one of the best spray weapons for this season, thanks to its capability at both long and close ranges. Its versatility definitely comes in handy, especially if you are an aggressive player who picks many medium-range fights, where it shines best. 

While this weapon can be obtained by defeating Ares at the Brawler’s Battleground, you need to know that the game also contains a regular Warforged Assault Rifle that does not come with the scope and mods provide its versatility. Here are its stats:

Cerebrus’ Gatekeeper Shotgun

2. Cerebrus’ Gatekeeper Shotgun

Another Mythic weapon that proves itself to be the best shotgun in the game, with the Frenzy Auto being a close second. Its fast firing capability makes it deadly in close range and its ability to reload all of its shells at once is a boon when you are boxed in a closed area with enemies lurking around. Here are its stats for the Legendary variant:

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Critical Hit Damage: 1.5X

  • Magazine size: 3

  • Fire Rate: 1.7

  • Damage: 92

  • Reload Time: 2.25

  • Ammo Type: Shells

Hade’s Harbinger SMG

3. Hade’s Harbinger SMG

Following the trend of newly introduced weapons taking the top spot, we have the Harbinger Mythic SMG, which comes equipped with mods that fix its issues with accuracy and recoil, found in its other variants. This is undoubtedly the best SMG currently available in the game, with the Thunder Burst taking the second place. Here are its stats:

  • Rarity: Mythic

  • Critical Hit Damage: 1.5X

  • Magazine Size: 30

  • Fire Rate: 9.5

  • Damage: 23

  • Damage Per Second: 218.5

  • Reload Time: 2.01

  • Ammo Type: Light Bullets

Reaper Sniper Rifle

4. Reaper Sniper Rifle

If you pride yourself on your ability as a skilled marksman, look no further than the Reaper Sniper Rifle which returns back for Season 2. This is currently the only way to kill enemies with one headshot from a long-range, as there are sadly no other snipers in the game.  Here are its stats for the Legendary Variant:

  • Rarity: Uncommon to Legendary 

  • Critical Hit Damage: 2.5X

  • Magazine Size: 3

  • Fire Rate: 0.53

  • Damage: 121

  • Damage Per Second: 64.13

  • Reload Time: 3.15

  • Ammo Type: Heavy Bullets

Ranger Pistol

5. Ranger Pistol

Another returning weapon that was first introduced in Chapter 5 Season 1. While it is technically classified as a pistol, its excellent fire rate means that it is on par with some SMGs in the game. If you manage to acquire its Legendary Variant that comes equipped with mods, you can even take down opponents with full HP and shields. Here are the stats for the Legendary variant:

  • Rarity: Common to Legendary 

  • Critical Hit Damage: 2X

  • Magazine Size: 15

  • Fire Rate: 6.6

  • Damage: 30

  • Damage Per Second: 198

  • Reload Time: 1.35

  • Ammo Type: Light Bullets

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