Fortnite Players Celebrate The Return of Midas in Chapter 5 Season 2



Fortnite Players Celebrate The Return of Midas in Chapter 5 Season 2

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After weeks of rumors and speculation, Epic Games has confirmed that Midas, one of the most popular characters in Fortnite is making a return in Chapter 5 Season 2.
Leaks confirm that the Midas update will drop on 19th March 2024, and bring other additional content for players to enjoy.

There's no doubt that the Fortnite community is buzzing with excitement as rumors and confirmation about Midas' return flood the internet. A recent tweet by Fortnite's official X account, stating, "Midas Returns," has caused frenzy and speculation in the community. With over 4 million views, it's clear that the return of the iconic character is a major event in Chapter 5 Season 2.

Epic Games Confirms Return of Midas in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

If you're new to Fortnite or need a refresher, Midas is an iconic character known for his golden touch. After being introduced in Chapter 2 Season, Midas became a fan-favorite due to his unique abilities and backstory. The character's ability to change weapons and other items into gold sets him apart from other characters in the game. 

On Fortnite's X account, an image was shared that shows Midas, with a brand new design, holding a gun up in the air and walking through a door towards some red light. The caption confirms what everyone has been hoping for: "Midas Returns."

While Epic Games hasn't released any official details regarding Midas' role in Fortnite's current chapter, the leakers are here to help us. According to the reputable leaker in the Fortnite community, @ShinnaBR, the Midas update will be released on Tuesday, 19th March 2024. The upcoming update will include new exciting content for players to dive into, including Hades Mythic, Floor is Lava, and brand-new Midas cosmetics. 

The community was incredibly excited and happy to see one of the most iconic characters returning to the battle royale, "Midas is the sole reason why I started playing Fortnite; I cannot even put into words how happy this post made me."

Another player said, "The golden touch is back! ✨ Brace yourselves for Midas's grand return. The legend lives on! #Fortnite"

The hype for Midas' return in Fortnite is a testament to the character's impact on the community. As more theories and leaks continue to spread, players are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see how the iconic villain will change the landscape of Fortnite. It doesn't matter if you're a long-time fan or a newcomer in the game; you don't want to miss Midas' return

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