The Boys: Supe Takedown Event in MW3 and Warzone - All Challenges and Rewards


The Boys: Supe Takedown Event in MW3 and Warzone - All Challenges and Rewards

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The Boys: Supe Takedown is an in-game event that allows you to temporarily access superhero-like powers upon collecting Temp V Syringes after killing enemies.
This event grants six challenges for MW3 or Warzone and completing either of these will grant players numerous Emblems, Calling Cards, Decals, XP Tokens, etc.
Now that this event is only available until 24th January before 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 11:30 PM IST / 8 PM CEST.

As a new collaboration with The Boys TV Show on Amazon Prime, Activision has introduced a brand-new event with Season One Reloaded on 17th January. While the two brands have already collaborated in MW2 by bringing operator skins like Homelander, Starlight, Black Noir, etc, this is the first time that players get access to a special game mode called Supe Takedown that will grant them free rewards upon completing specific challenges. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to complete this event.

All Challenges and Rewards in The Boys: Supe Takedown Event

 The Boys: Supe Takedown event requires you to complete six different challenges, either in Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone. Completing each challenge will grant you specific rewards for your endeavors. Here are all the challenges as well as the rewards you will get upon completing them:

For Modern Warfare 3

  • Get 3 operator kills without reloading 7 times: The Boys Calling Card

  • Kill 5 operators affected by electric shock in The Boys Mode: F**k Supes Emblem

  • Get 5 operator Tac Stance kills using the KVD Enforcer: Battle Pass Tier Skip

  • Collect 25 Temp V Syringes in The Boys Mode: Vought-a-burger Decal

  • Get 25 operator melee kills with the Backlight Flashlight Equipped: Terror Charm

  • Win 7 Games in The Boys Mode: Double XP Token

For Warzone

  • Get 7 operator kills while Prone: The Boys Calling Card

  • Get 10 operator kills with SMGs: F**k Supes Emblem

  • Get 5 Operator Tac Stance kills with Shotguns: Battle Pass Tier Skip

  • Complete 7 contracts: Vought-a-burger Decal

  • Get 8 operator melee kills: Terror Charm

  • Place in the top 10 at least three times: Double XP Token

The Boys: Supe Takedown is essentially a Kill Confirmed game mode that drops Temp V Syringes instead of dog tags upon killing an enemy. As the name suggests, this syringe will grant you a temporary superhero-like ability such as fast movement, improved armor, etc.

death to supes skin

JC Amaterasu

Apart from the aforementioned rewards, you will also get access to the “Death To Supes” Camo skin after completing all six challenges. This camo can be equipped with your weapons from the Events tab in the camo selection menu and it can be unlocked either through MW3 or Warzone challenges. Do note that this event will only last until 24th January before 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 11:30 PM IST / 8 PM CEST, so make sure you finish all the tasks by then.

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