Here’s How You Can Get the A-Train Operator Skin From the Boys in COD MW3


Here’s How You Can Get the A-Train Operator Skin From the Boys in COD MW3

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The A-Train Operator skin will be available in both COD Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 as the next addition to The Boys lineup of skins.
This operator skin will be a part of the A-Train bundle that is expected to be priced at 2,400 COD points and launch sometime during the mid-season update.

Activision is all set to collaborate once again with the famous Amazon Prime show The Boys, to bring yet another operator skin into Modern Warfare 3. The 2024 lineup of skins from the TV Show will feature the fastest Super in the series, A-Train. He will receive numerous skins for rifles, SMGs, etc as part of the A-Train bundle. He joins Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir as part of the formation of the Seven inside the COD universe. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at all of his skins.

How to Get the A-Train Bundle in COD MW3?

As mentioned above, the A-Train operator skin along with all other corresponding skins will be available as a bundle in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. This bundle is also expected to be priced similarly to the Black Noir, Homelander, and Starlight skins seen previously, which are around 2,400 COD points.

These are all the in-game items that will be available as part of the bundle:

  • “Turbocharged” Assault Rifle Blueprint

  • “Fast AF” SMG Blueprint

  • “Here Comes the A-Train” Animated Calling Card

  • “A-Train” Weapon Sticker

  • “Turbo Rush Energy Drink” Weapon Charm

  • “World’s Fastest Man” Animated Emblem

  • “The Boys A-Train” Loading Screen

  • “Fastest Man in the World” Finishing Move

To deploy as the fastest man in the world, players simply need to head into the in-game store and purchase the “Tracer Pack: The Boys A-Train Operator Bundle”. Once that is done, you can directly equip it from the store menu or through the inventory.

When Is the A-Train Operator Skin Going Live In Warzone and Modern Warfare 3?

The new bundle is expected to go live sometime around the mid-season update. Although the season one reloaded update landed on 17th January, players only saw the Starlight bundle brought back into the in-game store. This has led to many players believing that the A-Train bundle is next in line and will be launched in the next update. 

For those of you who are unaware, the A-Train is a character from The Boys, a comic book series that was later developed as a live-action TV show that is currently airing on Amazon Prime. The A-Train is the fastest man alive in The Boys universe and he is considered to be a crucial part of The Seven, that universe’s version of The Avengers of The Justice League, only a whole lot more immoral and corrupt.

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