Here are the best Overwatch 2 settings for PC. 


The Best Overwatch 2 Settings for PC

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Overwatch 2 has better graphics compared to its predecessor.
Here are the tweaks you can do to get the best Overwatch 2 settings for PC.

With the release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard is looking to bring back some of the magic from the first game. The developer not only gave all the heroes in the game a new look but upgraded the graphics with Overwatch 2 running on an upgraded version of the original game's engine. This allows for larger map sizes to better support the new story-based PvE elements. While PvE is still some time away, let’s look at some of the ways players can optimize the game with the best Overwatch 2 settings for PC. These settings will maximize your FPS for smoother gameplay.

Best overwatch 2 graphics settings for higher FPS

Here are the settings you can use to optimize the game for a higher FPS and better Overwatch experience.

Overwatch 2: Video settings

  • Display Mode: Fullscreen

  • Resolution: Based on the resolution of your PC. 1080p for most modern monitors

  • Field of View: 100 FOV

  • V-Sync: Off

  • Triple buffering: Off

  • Reduce buffering: On

  • Display Performance Stats: On

  • NVIDIA Reflex: On

  • Display System Clock: On

  • Limit FPS: 120 FPS

  • Graphics Quality: Low

  • Gamma Correction: 2

  • Contrast: Default

  • Brightness: Standard

Overwatch 2: Advanced Graphics settings

  • Texture quality: Medium

  • Texture filtering quality: 8x

  • Local fog detail: Medium

  • Dynamic reflections: Low

  • Shadow detail: Low

  • Model detail: Low

  • Effects detail: Medium

  • Lighting quality: Medium

  • Antialias quality: Low – FXAA

  • Refraction quality: High

  • Screenshot quality: 1x resolution

  • Ambient occlusion: Off

  • Local reflections: On

  • Damage FX: Default

Overwatch 2: Gameplay settings

  • Kill feed display: On

  • Play sound when enemy eliminated: Off

  • Play sound when teammate eliminated: Off

  • Always skip kill cam: Off

  • Snap Death Camera to Killer: Off

  • Waypoint Opacity: 100%

  • Respawn Icon Opacity: 100%

  • Ability Timer Ring Opacity: 100%

  • Player outline strength: 100%

  • Achievement display: UI

Overwatch 2: Accessibility settings

  • Camera Shake: Reduced

  • HUD Shake: Off

  • Reduce Menu Movement: No

The accessibility setting tweaks will also give you a bit of an edge in competitive play, especially with players who may get disoriented easily with camera shakes etc. Each player has their set of preferences when it comes to the settings so make sure to experiment with them in a practice mode of the game to find out what works best for you.

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