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TFT Set 9 Galio: Best Build, Comps, Augments & More

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Galio is a Demacian Invoker in Teamfight Tactics Set 9 Runeterra Reforged.
Depending on your build and comp, he can be a meaty frontline for your army.

Tanks and frontline units are just as important as your carries in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) as they dictate most of the rounds. Only when your tanks sustain, your carries will be able to live longer and dish out damage over time. As a result, choosing the right tank units becomes a very important task. In TFT Set 9 Runeterra Reforged, you are presented with many tank champions but building a proper composition around them is pivotal.

One such tanky champion is Galio in TFT Set 9 who is a Demacian origin unit from the Invoker class. In this guide, we will dive into some of the best builds and comps for TFT Set 9 Galio and also look into instances where you can try to three-star this champion.

TFT Set 9 Galio: Stats, Traits, & More

As mentioned before, Galio is a Demacian, Invoker unit in Teamfight Tactics Set 9. His unique ability is as follows:

Shield of Durand: Galio reduces damage taken and heal for over 4 seconds. After, deal magic damage to adjacent enemies.

  • Reduce Damage: 25/25/35%

  • Heal: 350/400/450

  • Damage: 200/300/450%

His stats are as follows:

  • Health: 800/1440/2592

  • Damage: 70/105/158

  • Damage per Second (DPS): 35/53/79

  • Magic Resistance (MR): 45

  • Armor: 45

  • Speed: 0.5

  • Mana: 60/120

  • Range: Melee

Now, let us look at all the traits that Galio has and what they do:


In this trait, during the planning phase, your strongest Demacians become Elite and equip a random Radiant item for the next combat. Elites grant Armor and Magic Resist to themselves and adjacent allies, but this does not stack. Radiant items are upgraded versions of completed items.

Your stats improve when you field three, five, seven, or nine Demacians on the board:

  • 3 Demacian units: 1 Elite, +5 MR, +5 Armor

  • 5 Demacian units: 2 Elites, +30 MR, +30 Armor

  • 7 Demacian units: 4 Elites, +40 MR, +40 Armor

  • 9 Demacian units: 6 Elites, +100 MR, +100 Armor


When you build Invokers, allies restore mana every three seconds.

  • 2 Invokers: 5 mana for all allies

  • 4 Invokers: And 10 additional mana for Invokers

  • 6 Invokers: 10 mana for all allies and 15 additional mana for Invokers

Best Galio Synergies in TFT Set 9

Heart & Soul for Demacia!

This comp is a medium difficulty comp in Patch 13.17 and you field 7 Demacian units with four carries in Garen, Jarvan IV, Lux and Aatrox.

The synergy list is as follows:

  • Demacia: 7 (Lux, Garen, Jarvan IV, Galio, Poppy, Sona, Demacian crest/emblem)

  • Darkin: 1 (Aatrox)

  • Juggernaut: 2 (Aatrox, Garen)

  • Bastion: 2 (Taric, Poppy)

  • Sorcerer: 2 (Taric, Lux)

Fielding this team is also very easy: all the champions expect Sona and Lux on the front line to tank while they both keep ulting from the last row.

The Augments you need to look out for are Demacia Heart, Demacia Crest, and Demacia Crown.

These are the items you need to put on the carry units:

  • Aatrox: Titans Resolve, Demacia Emblem

  • Jarvan IV: Warmogs Armor, Fimbul Winter

  • Lux: Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlet

  • Garen: Bloodthirster, Guinsoo's Rageblade

Invoking the Invokers

As the name suggests, this comp uses a full Invoker team with the two 3-cost units: Karma and Taric and they will be your main carries while Galio tanks.

  • Invoker: 6 (Karma, Galio, Ryze, Shen, Syndra, Soraka)

  • Wanderer: 1 (Ryze)

  • Ionia: 3 (Karma, Shen, Ahri)

  • Targon: 2 (Soraka, Taric)

  • Bastion: 2 (Taric, Shen)

  • Sorcerer: 2 (Taric, Ahri)

For this comp to work, field Ryze, Soraka, Ahri, and Karma in the last row. In the front row, place Galio, Shen, and Taric and in the immediate next row, field your Lissandra.

This is a slow roll, easy comp to pull off. Note that you need to give Karma all the damage dealing items and put the tank items on Taric.

Notably, both the above-mentioned comps are S rated in Patch 13.17. Additionally, you can go three-star Galio giga tank when you get this following Augment in TFT Set 9:

Winds of War: Gain a Galio. Your strongest Galio's spell is larger, and enemies hit take magic damage equal to 8% of his max Health each second.

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