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Teamfight Tactics: Soul Brawl Game Mode Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Soul Fighter 2023 Summer Event is coming to Teamfight Tactics (TFT) as well.
With the Soul Fighter event just around the corner, here’s everything you need to know about the Soul Brawl game mode.

Soul Fight, the big 2023 Summer event, is not just a League of Legends exclusive. There will be celebrations throughout the universe of Runeterra and Riot Games, adding a new game mode called Soul Brawl, a narrative experience titled Choncc Dome, and numerous cosmetics to Teamfight Tactics (TFT) via the Soul Fighter 2023 event. 

Announcing these new additions, Riot Games said, “Unleash the power of your soul in the Soul Brawl mode, get swole with your favorite Fighters (and their Little Legend trainers) at the Choncc Dome event, and do it all in tournament style with new Tacticians, Booms, and the arena where it all went down!”

With the Soul Fighter event just around the corner, here’s everything you need to know about the Soul Brawl game mode.

What is Soul Brawl in TFT?

The Choncc Dome is the new narrative experience coming to TFT with the Soul Fighter Summer Event. It is similar to the 2022 Star Guardian event in League of Legends. Riot Games said, “During the Dome you’ll be met by Soul Fighter Champions and their personal trainers (Little Legends) as they embark on their own journey in the Choncc Dome.” 

TFT’s Soul Brawl will be a temporary game mode in the Choncc Dome narrative experience. It will happen in two stages, namely training and tournament. During the first stage of a match, players compete for Soul Power which will strengthen their Soul Crown and provide additional loot options. Soul Brawl’s second phase or the tournament phase will see players get eliminated in a best-of-three bracket until only one is left standing.

Soul Brawl’s Training Phase

The training phase is from 1-1 to 3-8 stages. Here you win 30 Soul Power upon winning rounds, 15 for losing rounds, and one for every enemy champion kill. Soul Power will replace your health and can only go up.

Riot Games said, “Soul Power will increase the number of loot options you get from Gwen and Sett when they visit to help with loot or appear as a PvE boss to help with violence (and more loot). Soul Power will also empower your Soul Crown after the Training Phase.

During training, you’ll be granted an Imperfect Soul Crown which increases your crowned unit’s stats (AD, AP, and HP) and allows their last listed non-unique trait to count as two. The crown can only be used during the planning phase and is a reusable consumable. This allows you to re-equip it and does not take up an item slot. 

There are three important things to do during the Training Phase:

  • Build your comp

  • Collect Soul Power

  • Win rounds to train and gain power

Soul Brawl’s Training Phase

Soul Brawl Tournament Phase

Once the training phase is done, you will no longer obtain Soul Power. Now, you will be ushered into a tournament bracket. Your Imperfect Soul Crown will transform into ‘The Soul Crown.’ Equipping and using it will give your champion even more stats, all enhanced and this is based on your total Soul Power from Training. Additionally, it will have one more add-on effect: The first time the equipped champion would die they are instead brought back to life. When they are back alive, they will have health equal to double the amount of Soul Power you gathered over the course of the game and they’ll be cleansed of all negative effects.

Soul Brawl’s Training Phase

Now, all you need to do is position your team properly on the board, roll away your gold, put on the items, and win rounds. Note that losing twice will result in your elimination from the match.

Other important things to remember are as follows:

  • Winning and losing streaks are removed.

  • Players will get more passive gold per round and interest is the same as in the standard mode.

  • Few Region Portals and Augments are disabled in Soul Brawl. 

  • The Pengu and Vladimir Legends will not be available due to the game mode not using Tactician Health.

The Soul Brawl event will be available from 19th July to 15th August, just like the Soul Fighter 2023 event. It will be live on the client and on mobile devices for a total of six weeks.

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