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Swiftplay Game Mode in Valorant: What You Need to Know

Abhimannu Das
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The new Swiftplay mode in Valorant offers a fast-paced experience with less rounds, more ultimates and a steady supply of credits.
Matches take around 15 minutes instead of the usual 30-40 minutes you would spend in Unrated or Competitive.
The mode is currently in beta and is available until early January 2023.

A brand-new Swiftplay game mode is now live in Valorant and it is a nice change of pace from games that last 30 minutes or more. The Swiftplay game mode is designed to offer a fast-paced playstyle and it is a great alternative to Spike Rush while also retaining the best elements of Valorant’s Unrated gameplay. Here is a rundown of how the Swiftplay mode works in Valorant.

Valorant Swiftplay: How it works

Valorant Swiftplay does not count toward your Competitive ranking and it is very similar to Unrated. However, the match time is significantly reduced thanks to fewer rounds, faster Ultimates and more credit availability. 

The game has your typical 5v5 gameplay in a condensed format. The first team to win five rounds wins and each time has a four-round half where it defends for four rounds and attacks for four rounds. 

There is a set amount of credits that is awarded at the start of rounds: 

  • 800 Credits - Round 1 of each half

  • 2400 Credits - Round 2 of each half

  • 4250 Credits - Round 3 of each half

  • 4250 Credits - Round 4 of each half

The 2400 Credit rounds can drop an additional 600 Credits if you are on the team that wins the pistol round. Weapon and Credit carryover is supported in the format which makes staying alive even more important and it is possible to steamroll your opponents once you gain some momentum.

There are standard kill bonuses (+200 Credits) and Spike Plant bonuses (+300 Credits). The game also speeds up the Ultimate economy with two Ultimate points being granted at the start of each half. There is a sudden-death overtime mode which is different from how extra rounds are handled in Unrated and Competitive.

The best part is that the games last around 15 minutes which is much faster than the 30-40 minute games you typically experience in Valorant. The game mode is currently in beta and it is likely that it will be added to the game as a permanent mode in the future. While fine-tuning might be necessary for the Ultimate economy in this mode, it is a fun and fast-paced way to experience Valorant.

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