Here’s everything you need to know about survivor class in Escape from Tarkov


Survivor Class in Escape From Tarkov Explained

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Escape from Tarkov is a realistic game that often combines MMO features in its gameplay.
Here’s everything you need to know about the game’s survivor class.

When you go to your overall statistics tab in Escape from Tarkov, you will notice something called ‘Survivor Class’. Each individual player is told about their playstyle through this interesting stat. Survivor class differs from one player to another and it denotes what approach one takes while playing Tarkov. However, it can possibly change over time if the player ends up picking up a different playstyle. 

Escape From Tarkov is a realistic game where players can try out different modes and also choose to play individually or in groups. Players can take different approaches while playing. One may be invested in looting whereas another player might live for the thrill of going for risky kills. The game tracks minute details and keeps track of player statistics. The kills, your method of looting, etc are all counted toward the survivor class stat in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Escape from Tarkov’s survivor class.

Escape from Tarkov Survivor Class

On Reddit, one user explained how this particular statistic works. They said, “It’s [survivor class] based on kill XP, looting XP, survival XP, and healing XP. Whichever is highest determines the class.” Additionally, this information is unlocked when the player hits level 20. Until then, it will say “unknown” even if you have a ton of XP scored under these metrics.

The different survivor class types in Tarkov are as follows:

  • Unknown

  • Neutralizer

  • Marauder

  • Paramedic

  • Survivor

Unknown class: This basically indicates that the player is new to the game and that they lack experience. It is stated that your statistics under the survivor class may change as you hit level 20 in-game.

Neutralizer class: As the title suggests, this class depends on experience gathered from kills. If a player chooses to go after kills and hunting Scavs and others, instead of prioritizing looting, this experience gets stacked. However, this does not mean that you should not loot at all in raids but your kill XP must be the highest among other XPs including looting and healing. 

Marauder class: Are you someone who spends most of the time in Tarkov looting? Then you will notice that your looting XP will be really high. The players who fall under this survivor class are often labeled “rats” since their playstyle revolves around looting everything that they see. This player class is often capable of looting in raids regardless of whether the loot is top-tier or uncommon.

Paramedic class: As the name suggests, a player who wishes to fall under this category must have really high healing XP in Escape from Tarkov. This cannot be achieved through regular gameplay or raids. Players need to heal up intentionally after taking fall damage or damage from barbed wires, and fire among other things. 

Survivor class: For this class, a player needs to have a better rate of XP in survival in comparison to other stats. They will have to gain more XP by enduring the game’s challenges.

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