Starfield - How To Romance Andreja

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Starfield - How To Romance Andreja


Starfield has an abundance of content to offer. But, while you are exploring this cosmic realm, having a companion can be entertaining.
Romancing characters not only help establish meaningful relationships with them but also keep the players engaged.
Here is a guide to romancing Andreja, a simple yet mysterious woman.

Starfield’s vast cosmic expanse has a lot to offer. While the breathtaking visuals at every frame provide much needed recreation, the game also focuses on interpersonal relationships. Players looking for lifelong companions in the game can choose to romance any of their favorite in-game characters. One of them is the mysterious and easy-going Andreja. If you are someone who has already tried their luck with Sarah or Barrett, then you know that Starfield allows players to romance multiple companions. And romancing Andreja is not as complicated as other characters like Sarah or Barrett. In this article, we’ll provide an easy guide to romancing Andreja in Starfield.

Romancing Andreja in Starfield

Players will first come across this mysterious woman while completing the ‘Into the Unknown’ quest, looking for a nearby artifact. Having finished that quest, you can let her tag along while gradually growing closer to her and learning more about her. 

While Andreja is a simple woman with a mysterious path, and is more easy-going than other characters, there are still things that she does not approve of. Simultaneously, players can make decisions in a certain way to boost her affinity towards themselves. Here is a list of Andreja's likes and dislikes. 



Andreja: Likes

  • Pickpocketing and lockpicking from enemies

  • Bold and cheeky responses

  • Kindness towards the innocent

  • Respecting and understanding her rough life

Andreja: Dislikes

  • Stealing from civilians and crew members

  • Asking for bribes and bribing others in credits

  • Asking for credits after helping those in need

  • Harming the innocent

Divided Loyalties Quest

In order to embark on a long-lived romance with Andreja, players can select one of the many rewarding Starfield side quests. This is the Divided Loyalties quest and can be triggered by selecting the ‘flirt’ option in every conversation. Once you are able to charm her with your actions and dialogue choices, she will start opening up about her past. Her desire to reconnect with her former friends is revealed once she tells you about her past as a Va'ruun operative sent to infiltrate Constellation.

This journey of helping Andreja reconcile with her friends will rekindle your love. Here, you can also provide comfort to her as she faces her dark past, which has sadly infiltrated her present. Towards the end of the quest, she will speak to you inside her room situated in the Lodge, where you can become her lover by choosing the ‘Romance’ option. 

Marrying Andreja

To give this love story a happy ending, players can get married to Andreja. Doing so has its perks, as she will automatically be sleeping in the same bed as you after you are married to her. Following your conversation in the Lodge, select the ‘Commitment’ option to propose to her and commit yourself to her. Complete the Commitment: Andreja Quest to marry her and make her your lifelong partner. 

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