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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is all you need to know about&nbsp;Spectrum Bundle Price in Valorant.</p></div>

Here is all you need to know about Spectrum Bundle Price in Valorant.


The Spectrum bundle in Valorant is one of the most expensive in the game to date.
Here is all you need to know about Spectrum Bundle Price in Valorant.

The Spectrum bundle was announced by Riot in September, 2021. The five weapon skin bundle was created by Riot Games in collaboration with Russian-German DJ Zedd. The skins featured in the bundle can be leveled up to gain new effects and come in a number of variants. The bundle when released also included bonus content including two gun buddies, the Spectrum card and spray. Let’s look at the Spectrum Bundle Price in Valorant

Spectrum Bundle Price in Valorant

The Spectrum bundle came with five weapons including a melee, two gun buddies, a card and a spray. The Spectrum Bundle cost 10,700 VP in Valorant which puts its real world price at approximately $112. 

  • Spectrum bundle: 10,700 VP 

  • Spectrum individual skins: 2,675 VP

  • Waveform melee: 5,350VP

The Spectrum bundle is the most expensive skin line till date. However, according to Valorant Leaks, the upcoming Valorant Radiant Entertainment System bundle is set to cross over 10,000 VP, replacing the Spectrum bundle as the priciest skin collection in Valorant. 

What is included in the Spectrum Bundle?

There are five weapons included in the Valorant Spectrum bundle, along with two gun buddies, a card, and a spray. Here’s the full list:

  • Spectrum Classic

  • Spectrum Bulldog

  • Spectrum Guardian

  • Spectrum Phantom

  • Waveform Melee

There are a total of five weapons in the Spectrum bundle in Valorant.
  • Spectrum Gun Buddy

  • Zedd Gun Buddy

  • Spectrum Card

  • Spectrum Spray

The Spectrum Bundle pricing in Valorant included two gun buddies, a card and a spray.

The Valorant Spectrum skins were introduced by Zedd in a showcase video. It gives players an idea of what effects to expect with the skins. 

Spectrum skin levels

The Spectrum skins also had to be leveled up to upgrade them, unlocking a number of other effects including different finisher colors. The skins change through a spectrum of colors as move around the map. There are three color variants available for all the weapons; red, black and pink/purple. Here’s how the Spectrum levels change the weapons:

  • Level 1 Base: Features a normal white and red weapon.

  • Level 2: Adds a color-changing muzzle flash and changes to gunfire VFX and SFX. 

  • Level 3: Adds spectrum music as the agent taps their finger on the weapon with the beat. Also adds a unique inspect sound effect for each weapon and color-changing equip and reload visual effects. 

  • Level 4: Adds a kill banner and finisher. The Finisher colors will change around the map and depending on whether or not the Spike has been planted.

Here is a look at the full range of changes the Spectrum skins go through:

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