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Skydive Trails in Apex Legends: What Is It and How to Equip?

Season 18 changes for Skydive Trails explained

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Apex Legends Skydive Trails are visual cosmetics that appear on the player’s trail when they skydive into the map.
Here's all you need to know about the dive trails and how to equip them in-game.
Respawn Entertainment also introduced changes to Ranked Rewards in Season 18, thus taking a crucial call on the trails.

Apex Legends offers plenty of cosmetics to use on your favorite Legends and on your gun collection in-game. Players are allowed to equip these different cosmetic items to customize their character. On top of that, they can further show off their true character and flair in-game by using playful emotes, holosprays, and voice quips. Additionally, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts also provide certain cosmetics that players can use to show off their skill level. One such cosmetic is the Skydive trails.

In this article, we shall get into the details of skydive trails, what they do, and how to equip them for your favorite characters. Notably, this cosmetic underwent a major change in Apex Legends Season 18: Resurrection.

What are Skydive Trails in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Skydive Trails are visual cosmetics that appear on the player’s trail when they skydive into the map. Note that it could be during the initial descent into the map or when using Redeploy Beacons and these trails will appear on the players’ character. When you unlock a Legend in Apex Legends, they will have a default trail. However, you can unlock more and increase your collection and choose your favorite trail from the lot.

The problem with the skydive trails is that not all players have them and those that do have them may not be able to equip them since it is kind of difficult to find them in the menus.

How to Equip Skydive Trails?

If you are new to Apex Legends, you might be startled by the number of menus that the game offers filled with information and stats about Legends among other things. However, with a little help, it gets easier to navigate through these menus and customize your character. 

Here’s how you equip a Skydive Trail in Apex Legends:

  • Go to the game’s main online menu

  • Here, switch to the ‘Loadout’ tab

  • Now, look for ‘Game Customization’ and click this

  • Just go through all the options available until you find the section titled ‘Skydive Trail’

  • Now, press ‘Equip’ on your chosen selection of Skydive Trail

  • This will ensure that your selection is locked and loaded

Now, no matter what Legend you select in-game, you will notice the trail every time you skydive.

How to Get Apex Legends Skydive Trails? Changes in Season 18 Resurrection

To get a skydive trail, you need to acquire a Prestige Skin with a dive trail in a Collection Event or from the Mythic store in-game. Notably, this skydive trail you get with the Prestige skin will remain usable on any Legend you choose and all you need to do is equip it. 

Previously in Apex Legends, those players who hit Diamond rank or higher in the Ranked Leagues were rewarded with a Dive Trail. However, the developers announced that starting from Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection, this would no longer be included in the ranked rewards. starting from Apex Legends Season 18, the devs announced that Dive Trails would no longer be included in the Ranked rewards.

They said that they observed an unintended effect where the presence of a Ranked Dive Trail during the drop unduly influenced where players wanted to land. They added, “A reward for being a top player shouldn’t give away valuable information at a critical part of the match, so we’ve made a change to swap the Dive Trail reward with an Epic Banner Frame as the Diamond+ Ranked reward.”

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