Here is all you need to know about the Overwatch 2 Season 10 Release Date. 


Overwatch 2 Season 10 Release Date

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Overwatch 2 Season 9 debuted on 13th February 2024 and will likely last approximately eight weeks.
Season 10 will introduce a new DPS hero and more competitive changes to the game.
Here is all you need to know about the Overwatch 2 Season 10 Release Date. 

As Overwatch 2 Season 9 brings some major changes to the game, the lack of a new hero has some fans eagerly waiting for Season 10. Overwatch developers had planned to add new DPS, Support and Tank heroes to the game with regular seasonal updates. The developers added more Support and Tank heroes to the mix to offset the disparity between the number of DPS and other classes. In Overwatch 2 Season 10, players will be getting a new DPS hero, the first since Sojourn’s release in October 2022. Here is all you need to know about Overwatch 2 Season 10 Release Date. 

Overwatch 2 Season 10 Release Date

Overwatch 2 Season 10 is set to go live on Tuesday, 9th April 2024, according to the Season 9 Battle Pass timer in the game. Though Blizzard hasn't formally confirmed it yet, this date would align with the game’s usual eight-week long seasonal schedule.

Overwatch 2 Season 10: What’s new?

Overwatch 2 Season 10 will debut a new DPS hero called Venture. Venture was given a sneak peak at Blizzcon 2023, where some of their abilities include burrowing underground, making them invulnerable. Fans also spotted what looked like Venture’s Primary Fire, which shoots projectiles that explode at a set distance as well as a dash that adds a +50 shield. Venture’s weapon can fire up to eight shots before having to reload. 

The developers also mentioned that Venture’s kit included vertical mobility and additional damage output when they burst out from underground. 

According to Overwatch Game Director Aaron Keller players will also be able to buy Golden Weapons with the new, 2024 Competitive Currency. Keller also added, “Currently planning on releasing the change in Season 10, but feel free to save up for Golden Weapons in the meantime! We'll share more details on release timing as we get them.”

Keller also talked about improvements and removal of grouping restrictions coming to the game in Season 10. In a Director’s Take blog post Keller says, “we'll be making more changes in mid-Season 9 and Season 10. One of the largest of these will include the removal of grouping restrictions in Season 10. We'd like people to be able to play with their friends in every area of the game, however we'd also like to keep Overwatch's competitive integrity intact.Matchmaking for groups would also be improved. “Groups with a large range of player skill—what we call wide groups—will only play against other wide groups. Narrow groups will only be matched with other narrow groups.” 

The developers are also planning on adding features to the Competitive Progress screen, such as Match History and a Scorecard, implementing role-specific titles, showing the rank range on the scoreboard, and more.

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