Tracer - Overwatch 2 skin is being given away in this Overwatch 2 x McDonald's collaboration


Overwatch 2 x McDonald’s Collaboration: How to Receive Lightning Tracer Skin

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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McDonald’s and Overwatch 2 have officially collaborated to give codes away for a Tracer skin.
However, fans need to follow certain steps to get their hands on the Epic Lightning Tracer skin.
This tie-up between McDonalds and Overwatch is only available in Australia so far.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2 has collaborated with McDonald’s after months of leaks and teasers across social media. As part of this collaboration, fans will be able to get their hands on the Epic Lightning Tracer Skin in-game by purchasing the limited-time Overwatch meals. Overwatch 2 was officially released on 4th October and introduced an array of new in-game content including new heroes, reworked mechanics, and additional maps to the title. The game has been getting a lot of attention from its dedicated player base as well as new players.

All we know about the Overwatch 2 x McDonald’s collaboration

Overwatch 2 and McDonald’s crossover was officially revealed on 10th October after leaks suggested that a partnership was in the works. McDonald’s Australia tweeted a photo with the Overwatch 2 logo and captioned it “coming soon.” Notably, in September there were speculations about this partnership when employees leaked that kiosks in stores had Overwatch 2 mentioned.

Fans can acquire the Epic Lightning Tracer skin by simply ordering one of three Overwatch-themed meals on the MyMacca’s App. Following this, you will receive a code for an exclusive Tracer Lightning skin. Notably, this offer is only applicable in Australia and requires users to place orders through the MyMacca’s App.

The offer is available between 19th October and 31st October and customers can get their hands on the Tracer skin by purchasing the Overwatch 2 Big Mac, McChicken, or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets combo.

Australian fans just need to open the app, select the meal of their choice and a desired pick-up location, and complete the purchase in-store. Following this, the unique code for the Tracer skin will be sent via email.

If you have been a part of the Overwatch community for quite some time now, you might recognize that the Epic Lightning Tracer Skin was available during the Overwatch 2018 anniversary event. The skin sometimes pops up in the Overwatch shop but given that the shop has inventory cycles, there’s no way of knowing when the Tracer skin will be back on sale again. Currently, this Overwatch 2 x McDonald’s promotion is the only way to get the skin immediately if you are based in Australia.

The skin’s code will be available at every McDonald’s outlet across Australia until the end of October. However, there’s no official news on whether the promotion will make it to other big regions, like the United States, in the future.

There have been instances of other publishers making similar tie-ups in the past. In 2019, Fortnite's Merry Mint Pickaxe was available during the holiday period to those who bought Fortnite merchandise at specific retailers.

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