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Overwatch 2: How to Get Lunar New Year Rewards

Abhimannu Das
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The Kkachi Echo skin and other cosmetics are available for free as part of the Lunar New Year 2023 event in Overwatch 2.
Players will need to play Capture The Flag's Blitz or Competitive modes to earn all rewards.
Some players are unhappy as the reward is a recolor of an older Echo skin from a previous event.

Overwatch 2’s Lunar New Year 2023 event is now live and players can earn some free cosmetics by playing the game. The rewards from this year’s event include Battle Pass XP, a skin, souvenir, weapon charm, spray, player icon, and a name card. Unlike old Overwatch events, players cannot get all of the new event skins by playing the game. They are available for purchase only but a reskin of an older Echo skin is being given out for free. Players can complete all of the challenges by playing Capture the Flag (CTF).

Overwatch 2 Lunar New Year 2023 Rewards 

Here is how you can get all of the Lunar New Year 2023 rewards in Overwatch 2: 

  • Lucky Pouch Weapon Charm: Complete 2 challenges in Lunar New Year.

  • Year of the Rabbit spray and 1,000 Battle Pass XP: Win 10 games in Bounty Hunter.

  • Year of the Rabbit name card and 1,000 Battle Pass XP: Win 10 games in CTF (Normal or Competitive) 

  • 1,000 Battle Pass XP: Capture the flag once in CTF or CTF Blitz.

  • Good Fortune Kkachi Echo skin: Complete ANY four challenges in Lunar New Year.

  • 1,000 Battle Pass XP: Eliminate the Bounty target six times.

  • Hongbao Souvenir and 1,000 Battle Pass XP: Win eight games in CTF Blitz.

  • Year of the Rabbit player icon: Log in to Overwatch 2 during the event. 

The Good Fortune Kkachi Echo is the only skin that you can get as part of the event but players are unhappy with the reward as it is essentially a reskin of an older Lunar New Year Echo cosmetic. But it does not look like the monetization will change in Overwatch 2 anytime soon and obtaining premium cosmetics without paying money can take almost a year of grinding. 

If you want any of the new cosmetics you have to pay anything between 1,000 to 2,200 Overwatch coins which will set you back by $10 to $20 USD. Prices may vary from region to region. 

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