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New Valorant Map 'Descent' Potentially Leaked Via Player Card

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games keeps Valorant fresh and entertaining by adding new maps, agents, and other features.
While it already officially confirmed the arrival of a new agent this Episode, turns out a new map could also be in the making.
Reliable leakers in the community have suggested that a new map is imminent.

Every match of Valorant takes place on a unique map. While the game originally launched with just four maps, there are currently thirteen playable ones in Valorant. There's even an additional one for players to practice and train. There's usually a six-month cycle between the launch of new maps in the game.

The last time Riot Games launched a new map was in Sunset in Patch 7.04 in August 2023. Now, it seems like another map is in the making and it could potentially make its way to the game soon.

Reliable leakers in the community have dug out some crucial information about this potential new map via a player card and its code name. Here's all we know about the new Valorant map, according to leaks.

Is a New Map Coming to Valorant?

With every new Valorant episode comes at least one new map. Sunset was the last Valorant map to be released and it came out with Valorant Episode 7 Act 2. Now, for Episode 8, as per usual, players should be receiving a brand new map. However, nothing has been confirmed officially by Riot Games as of yet.

However, data miners and leakers in the community have picked up on what seems like an easter egg for the potential new map. On 5th March, Twitter user and leaker VALORANTLeaksEN said, "New Map Teaser // #VALORANT • Underneath It All" and posted a player card to go with it.

According to them, this is likely an easter egg and a teaser for the new map that's due to come out in Valorant Episode 8. They tweeted, "Codename of the teaser card: DESCENT 👀 // #VALORANT"

A few players have already pointed out how the codename is the opposite of "Ascent," one of the OG maps in the game. Additionally, the player cards show people descending down a structure using ropes and this could hint at the map being underground or having some sort of tunnel as part of its gameplay.

For one, the release of the new agent, Valorant Agent 25, has been confirmed by Riot Games. While we do not know when exactly they will be released, we will be getting a first look at the agent on the finals day of Valorant Masters Madrid 2024.

On 4th March, Riot wrote on its social media handles, "Look familiar? It shouldn’t. We’re revealing a new Agent during the final match at VCT Masters Madrid. Turn up and watch it live on March 24."

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