Sprays are cosmetic images in Valorant that can be used on any map surface and Riot Games is adding a new spray wheel


New Spray Wheel Is Coming to Valorant

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Sprays are cosmetic images in Valorant that can be used on any map surface.
Riot Games is reportedly adding a new spray wheel to the game in the coming updates, according to leaks.

Riot Games is always adding new features and content to Valorant, its first-person shooter (FPS) game that was released in 2020. If you have been playing the game since the early patches, you will already notice a bunch of features that look different or have changed. Apart from gameplay additions in the form of agents and new maps, Riot Games has been introducing User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) changes actively. According to prominent leakers and data miners, the company is all set to introduce a brand-new spray wheel alongside updates to the inventory screen in the game.

What is the spray wheel in Valorant?

Firstly, sprays are cosmetic images in Valorant that can be used on any map surface. Currently, in the game, players are allowed to equip three sprays: one each for pre-round, during the round, and post-round. Some sprays are just images but some of them have additional animations or sound effects. These sprays which are deemed to be distracting cannot be used during a  round. 

In Valorant, sprays are generally unlocked by completing Agent contracts, battle pass progression, or by purchasing them from skin collections or cosmetic bundles. 

The catch is that you pre-save the sprays you want to use in the game before you enter a lobby. That way you are restricted and cannot use other apt sprays during the game. Now, Riot Games is reportedly adding a new method to ensure that you get to save more sprays. The company is adding a new spray wheel that works similarly to the emote wheel in League of Legends.

According to leaks, when this new spray wheel is rolled out, players will have the opportunity to add up to four sprays on the wheel. The advantage is that you can now choose which spray you want to use regardless of whether it is the pre, mid, or post-round. However, the distracting ones will still remain limited in their usage.

While the feedback from the community is positive for this quality of life update, players pointed out how League of Legends’ emote wheel just upgraded from five slots to nine. Some of them opined that Valorant could have had eight spray choices right from the get-go.

It is also reported that in the new, upgraded inventory system, players can look up sprays by name and then add them to the wheel easily.

Notably, last year in July, prominent leaker and dataminer ValorLeaks tweeted about the new possible cosmetic addition to Valorant. While there is no update about emotes, Riot Games seems to have implemented the in-game wheel system regardless.

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