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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant Esports Hub debuts ahead of Valorant Champions 2023</p></div>
Valorant Esports Hub debuts ahead of Valorant Champions 2023


Riot Games debuted its all-new esports hub that will provide details and info about all VCT events.
This in-client hub was rolled out just in time for Valorant Champions 2023 happening at Los Angeles.

Riot Games rolled out Valorant patch 7.02 at the start of August 2023 and this is the second update after Episode 7 Act 1 went live. Apart from balance changes, this patch, most importantly, includes some new features added to the in-game client to make it easier for players to follow the Valorant esports scene. Riot Games has introduced its Valorant esports hub, an in-client tab, that allows players to keep track of schedules, events, score, and more. This feature was introduced right in time for Valorant Champions 2023 which is all set to kick off in Los Angeles, California on 6th August.

Here's all you need to know about the Valorant esports hub in the game client.

Valorant Esports Hub: All Features Explained

Introducing its esports hub for Valorant, Riot Games said, "During the run of Champions, we’ll be debuting our all-new esports hub that will provide details and info about the event directly in the VCT Client."

The publisher added that starting on 1st August, players can be on the lookout for an "all new experience in Valorant" that features brackets, schedules, and other helpful information about Champions 2023.

In between your own matches, you can now follow the esports action on the esports hub and closely track the Group and Playoff stages. Notably, the Esports Hub went live in game on 2nd August. Valorant Champions 2023 matches kick off on 6th August and will conclude only on 26th August with the grand final.

To access the Valorant esports hub, you can follow these steps:

1. Open Valorant client and log into your account.

2. On the homepage, you will see the menu on the left.

3. On the menu, navigate to the Esports Hub tab.

4. Upon opening, you will be greeted by the schedule. On top you will see the title called 'Event Overview | Champions 2023 Schedule'.

5. Click on the little 'i' mark to learn more about the event and the teams participating in it.

6. Additionally, you can also switch from the Schedule tab to see the Group Stage and Playoffs Brackets and also closely look at the Teams in those respective tabs.

7. Interestingly, when you open the 'Teams' tab, you will see all the teams participating in Valorant Champions 2023 and also their five-man player squad with their in-game names (IGN) and their photos.

Notably, Valorant Champions 2023 is the culmination of the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour Season featuring the franchised teams. A total of sixteen teams will face intense Valorant action in this three-week, high octane tournament with the goal of lifting the Champion trophy, taking home the cash prize and also the bragging rights of being called World Champions.

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