Here is how to make an AFK fishing farm in Minecraft.


Minecraft: How to Make an AFK Fishing Farm

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If you want to grind a number of experience points and catch a number of fish, an AFK fishing farm is a good option.
Here is how you can set up an AFK fishing farm in Minecraft.

Activities like farming and fishing can be fun in Minecraft, but it does get repetitive and boring after a while. You can use some basic tricks to build a simple AFK fishing farm which will earn you a lot of experience and fish. Here is how you can make an AFK fishing farm in Minecraft. 

What do you need to make a simple AFK fishing farm in Minecraft?

You’ll need the following to make an AFK fishing farm:

  • 1x Iron Trapdoor

  • 1x Iron Pressure Plate

  • 1x Bucket of Water

  • 1x Note Block

  • 1x Hopper

  • 1x Fence

  • 1x Temporary Block (any)

  • 1x Fishing Rod

  • 2x Chests

How to make a simple AFK fishing farm in Minecraft

Dig a 1x4 blocks hole

A 1x4 size hole is all the space you need.

Place the two chests next to each other on one side of the hole to form a larger chest.

Putting together two chests will create a larger one.

Place a hopper next to the large chests, facing the chest connecting to it. Place the fence on top of the hopper and put the iron pressure plate on top of the fence.

Make sure the Hopper is facing the chests.

Empty the bucket of water on top of the hopper and it will flow towards the remaining empty space in the ground. Place the note block next to the water in the 1x4 hole. Put a temporary block on top of the note block. Put a trapdoor on top of the last segment logged with water.

Use a note block and not a Jukebox. Your AFK fishing farm is now set up.

Stand on top of the large chest with a fishing rod equipped, aiming your cursor at the trapdoor.

Aim your cursor at the trapdoor.

Hold down your right-click (secondary action key) to start fishing. When you catch a fish or an item, your character will pull back the rod and deposit it into the chest through the hopper. You can now use an auto clicker to keep farming or else use the F3+T feature that reloads textures. Hold right click, and then press F3+T, this will reload the texture pack, and while it reloads, let go of right click, you can now tab out and let your character farm in the background. 

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