Minecraft: How to Hatch a Dragon Egg

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft.</p></div>
Here is how to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft.
The final boss you'll fight in Minecraft is the Ender Dragon.
Once the Ender Dragon is defeated, you'll see an egg spawn on the portal.
Here is how to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft.

The Ender Dragon is one of the largest bosses and the final boss you’ll face in Minecraft, essentially letting you beat the game. Getting to her requires players to access a realm known as the End through an End Portal. If you’ve defeated the Ender Dragon once, you can respawn her by hatching her Dragon Egg. Here is how to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft. 

Hatching a Dragon Egg: Make your way to the End

Making your way to the end will require you to search for a Stronghold containing the End Portal. You’ll need a number of Eyes of Ender to search for a Stronghold and then unlock the portal. Once you’re in The End, slay the Ender Dragon and wait for an egg to drop. If you want to hatch the egg you’ll also need some End Crystals. These naturally spawn on obsidian pillars in the End, but you cannot mine these. You’ll need to create your own End Crystals by combining Glass, Eyes of Ender and Ghast Tears. So when you head to the Nether to mine Blaze Powder, make sure you slay some Ghasts to pick up their Tears.

Recipe for Ender Crystals

If you’ve defeated the Ender Dragon, you can hatch a Dragon Egg to summon her by placing four End Crystals on the edges of the Exit Portal, one on each side.

Place the four crystals on the middle of each  side of the square portal.&nbsp;

While she is summoned, the four crystals will set off explosions that reset the obsidian pillars, iron bars, and End Crystals. Once they have been restored, the Ender Dragon will spawn. Note that defeating the Ender Dragon for the second time won’t drop another egg. Picking up the egg will unlock the ‘The Next Generation’ advancement in the game. Also note that you cannot hatch the dragon egg in the Overworld in Minecraft’s base game. Unfortunately you’ll need mods for that. 

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